Our Modern Day Ability to Create

In the past, we have been only consumers of certain types of media, i.e there were people who made television and people who watched television.  And although this still holds true for many individuals to this day, we now live in a world where people can consume as well as produce at their own leisure thanks to our modern digital landscape.

With the aid of various social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many others, we can freely post what we want for many others to see so that they can then consume our content.  Even if we may not realize it, we are all producers in some way, shape of form, where we are constantly building our own brands and online image.

Things like filmmaking used to be restricted by an exclusive crowd of people were involved in the ‘Hollywood movie-making community’.  Today, everybody yields the ability to create content.  Something that almost every person in the world owns today is a phone, which most have the ability to record videos, and take pictures.  This is an important factor in our modern ability to create media that did not exist in the past.  The once exclusive Hollywood filmmaking community is now open to the public.

Youtube is a great example of this, as it allows you can post large beta media files onto the platform, which opens up the amount you can do as a content creator.  You don’t need to be signed by a label, or have a contract to be able to post onto Youtube. And if you really are talented enough, people will find you, they will like you, and you will become famous.  This is a notion that was almost unheard of in past years.  There are countless examples of Youtube stars that blew up in pop culture strictly from becoming Youtube famous.

In today’s world, if you work hard enough, and know how to get your name out there for the world to see your work, we all have the ability to.  All you have to do is get your foot in the door, and the public eye will do the rest.

Blake Hagerman

One thought on “Our Modern Day Ability to Create

  1. This is actually super interesting. I think we do stuff in our classes on a day to day basis and don’t even realize that we are creating things that could have a massive effect on our future. We could be making something that could be the future of our lives.

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