Update to “Interesting Move to Preventing Gun Violence”

On March 22nd I posted Douglas High School’s preventative plan moving forward after spring break… and well it was their first day back today (April 2nd).

According to a Twitter moment’s feed, the preventative plan hasn’t been well received by the students

Here’s a tweet from Sarah Chadwick, student of Douglas High School commenting on dreading the day back from break:

The next day from the previous tweet. Shows the exterior of the school and what these students now have to endure from this new policy:

A positive spin on a negative situation:

Some people decided to make fun of the situation:

However it did bring up a very important question:

As addressed in the first post, these plans can ONLY do so much. At the end of the day, regardless of what precautions are implemented, if someone wanted to bring a gun into a guarded school, they will find ways around the safety measures.

I wonder if the precautions taken by Douglas High School will be adapted onto by other schools, and if these precautions will further the attempted acts of violence from the week prior.
What else do you guys think could happen from this?

– Katelynn DiBiccari


2 thoughts on “Update to “Interesting Move to Preventing Gun Violence”

  1. I personally think no matter what there is going to be gun violence around the country. Taking away guns or changing the laws is just going to make people want to rebel more, because that is what always happens. Let’s apply it to other laws, Title IX. Some people think that it is a joke and watch the videos and laugh at them, when it is a very serious topic. People talk about rape like it isn’t a serious topic, but it is just as serious as someone bringing a gun to school and causing many people harm. I think laws are going to be laws and people are going to do what they want to do no matter what the laws say.

  2. I think this is an interesting post that opens a lot of thoughts and questions about this topic. I think that we will never truly be able to prevent such a thing as a school shooting. Preventative actions will only go so far in raising awareness and protecting innocent people. But so many times you will never be able to guess when a shooting might occur, or who might be the cause of it. I think the best thing we can really do is restrict the access we have to guns. People can make the arguments they want discussing the other alternative factors that might lead to a mass shooting. But when it comes down to it, shooting’s wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t something to shoot with. And the people who deal with mental health issues will find their way into getting the help they need, without taking it to the extreme.

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