Website Editing

Hey guys! I know that we have made a bunch of new changes to the website, but I think it could still use a lot more help in the navigating realm. I found a cool way to use the search bar, which is you literally type in your name and as long as you have labeled everything you have written all of your articles come up, which is super nice. Also, I looked into the use  of creating a live chat on the website and right now, until we upgrade we cannot have a live chat. But, if we do I have found the number one program so everyone in the group or on the website can have a live chat together. I also think that the colors still aren’t great and the way the pictures work with the scrolling kind of gives me a headache, so I think we could find a way to change that up again.


~Danyela Swidler~

One thought on “Website Editing

  1. I really like the search bar idea! It definitely makes navigating to everybody’s content much smoother. I think everybody should always remember to add their names at the bottom of their posts so that there won’t be any unidentified blogs and it will make the search bar even more useful. I also like the live chat idea so that we could all collaborate about the changes made to the website especially when we are all not in the same room.

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