Final Semester Project Update!

Hello Everyone!
Below is the link to my Tumblr! I am finally satisfied with how I edited and customized my own logo and layout for the page! If you have any pictures you would like to submit, feel free to send it through the page. Enjoy!


A Viral Video from Your Government

And yet another viral video about KONY was updated to the web, this time by a member of the United States Senate. The 8 minute film intentionally follows the uplifting KONY 2012 template. The video raises a number of questions, one being: How much can the U.S. government really do about Kony?

Senator Coons uses this channel as an attempt to capture the immediate imagination of the online public about the capturing of Kony. Senator Coons states that the United States Congress needs to begin using the tools that modern America uses to remain connected to the world.

I agree with Senator Coons statement. I feel that in this day in age there are so many outlets to remain connected to others that there is no reason for people not use it for an important cause. More people today are on social media than ever before. It would be smart to begin implementing this form of media to farther pass news and information on to others in a quick and easy manner.

A Ugandan Response to KONY 2012

A group of local journalist released a You-tube video in response to KONY 2012. Although this video did not get as many views as KONY 2012 did–the group prefers a few viewers interested in the truth rather than millions enthused by a lie.

This video aims for people outside of the Uganda to not only focus on capturing Kony but also the victims of the war, what they’re struggling with, and they’re future. The Ugandan people have other serious problems in education and health that the world can seriously help with. They fear that similar to most, once this war has ended organizations will pack their bags and go and forget that people are left to pick up the pieces.

I honestly do not blame contributor, Rosebell Kagumire for feeling a certain a way about Invisible Children. It is sad that the people who could afford to tell the story choose to tell it the wrong way. Rosebell wants to call the correct attention to the actual problems of Northern Uganda. I feel that many people get caught up in these “fads” and get enthused by helping out a cause for a while and sooner or later the same people forget what they were even fighting for and move on to the next thing that people deem to be important or novel in some way.

“Cover the Night”, A Qualified Success

As many know, KONY 2012 has become a social media phenomenon. On Friday, April 20th, people were directed in the popular KONY You-tube video to fill the streets and paint the wall with posters of Kony. Though it was to be a global cry of outrage, only a handful of people were actually mobilized. Invisible Children still says its efforts have been an unqualified success.

I found it very interesting to find out that many have been referring to the KONY 2012 movement as “slacktavisim”; an easy no risk outlet to make a person feel good about themselves.

Although people call this movement “slacktavism”, at the end of the day numbers don’t lie. KONY 2012 served its purpose and allowed people to gain knowledge about a problem going on in the world and attempt to fix it.

Although the amount of people who followed through to paint the night was not as much as intended, the amount of people who became aware of this problem through social networking served to be greater.


How is a site like even ok?! I am still failing to understand that even with it being protected under the Decency Act, how it is still right to keep up. But then again, in this day in age what does being right matter anymore?

It doesn’t seem to faze the creator of this amateur pornography and social networking site, Hunter Moore. Moore believes that the people taking these naked photos are only hurting themselves; he is just making a profit off of it. He really doesn’t seem to care too much that the photos being submitted are without the person’s consistent or that it is done out of pure vengeance.

Although I think this site is plain wrong, to an extent I can understand what he is saying. People especially young ones fail to realize that once you take a photograph of yourself and send it out to anyone or anything, it is no longer yours. People like Hunter have no shame when managing sites like this. They are only in it for money and entertainment given to them by no one else but us.

Are school’s failing?

Are schools really failing? Underfunding, Inadequate teachers, and over-crowding; I hear about it all the time. It makes me wonder how many other people invest so much money into a place for more than half of their lives just for it to fail.

Surprisingly it’s not as bad as many think it is. At least that’s what Paul Fary claims. Although the phrase “failing schools” appeared more than five hundred times in news articles in one month this year alone, Paul states the media simply loves the term. American education is actually getting better as a whole: more people are going to college, higher SAT scores, and lower dropout rates.

The fundamental mistake the media makes is continuing to use the phrase of “failing schools”. The phrase was locked into the public discourse by the passage and enactment of No Child Left Behind. It enables policitians to declare a school  as failing. Politicians run on the basis of “fixing” these said failing schools.

In reality, part of the reason why some children are unprepared is actually due to reasons outside of the education system such as poverty issues, learning deficits, eyesight/hearing/mental illness.

It’s interesting to see the media (once again) shaping an “issue” to look a certain way.

Project Update

For my semester project I have started a Tumblr, I have definitely expanded my knowledge of Tumblr since I began using the website last week. I was able to create my own logo for my page as well as find new style’s on other blogs to post. I hope to expand my viewership by connecting my Tumblr with my other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. By doing this I expect people to not only learn about my blog but also feel free to submit their own photographs to me as well!

Ps. Good job Christina for updating our class blog, it looks great!

On The Media-The First Cell Phone Call

Last week marked the anniversary of the first public cell phone. It’s crazy to realize that cellphones were commercially available only TEN years ago. Cellphones have evolved greatly through the last decade. We not only talk but also take pictures, video chat, check emails, and go on the Internet all with that little device. It’s even crazier to think how dependent people have become with it. It’s almost as if some cannot live without a cellphone—literally.
All in all, I want to extend a THANK YOU to the man who made the first public cellphone call and started it all, Martin Cooper.

Chapter 1: Wisdom of Crowds

Here are some of the points I covered for my presentation on Chapter 1: Wisdom of Crowds:

  • The book starts off speaking about group intelligence, especially in the TV show “Who Wants To be a Millionaire?” and it’s “ask the audience” segment in comparison to “ask an expert or a friend” (Page 4).
  • Chapter looks at various ways of tapping into what a group knows: stock prices, votes, point spreads, computer algorithms, and futures contracts
  • All of these examples satisfy the four conditions of characterizing crowds:

1. Diversity of opinion-each person should have some private information.
2. Independence- people’s opinions are not determined by the opinions of those around them.
3. Decentralization- people are able to specialize and draw on local knowledge.
4. Aggregation- some mechanism exists for turning private judgment into a collective decision.

  • “The idea of the Wisdom of Crowds is not that a group will always give you the right answer but that it will consistently come up with a better answer than any individual can provide”.

Semester Project Update

For my Semester Project I was to develop a blog that focuses primarily on suburban fashion, entitled Suburban Style Watch. Today I began working on it and found a different way to approach my idea. Instead of developing a wordpress blog, I decided to create a Tumblr account. I hope to gain more followers as well as be able to re-blog other interesting style’s I find on this website. Here is what I have so far:

I am still very new to Tumblr and plan on adding A LOT more. For those who do have one, follow me!