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So I was visiting today and on the home page there was a question raised: Do you think the government should have the right to censor the media? If you’re generally against censorship, are there any circumstances under which you feel it might be warranted?

I went through many of the answers and I think you guys should take a look at peoples answers to see what their opinions are. I am posting this because I found it really interesting and more importantly this is a main issue we have discussed all semester.

Here it is:

If you are having trouble with the link and want to take a look please let me know.


My Semester Project!

Hello Everyone! I am happy to say that my semester project is completed. For those of you who don’t know, I did a blog on culture jamming. Culture jamming is a recreation of an image or an idea that is represented in the mainstream media. Culture jamming makes fun or goes against images and brands well-known in society. While I was doing this blog I discovered many interesting methods of culture jamming through different types of media that I did not even know exists. Throughout my blog, I go through different forms of culture jamming that I have found and discuss them in greater detail. I discuss culture jamming through specific advertisements, billboards, case studies, websites and more. I also bring up issues or questions that are often raised throughout the issue of culture jamming such as: culture jamming as a commodity, culture jamming and the mainstream.  Overall I really enjoyed working on this project. It has increased my sense of awareness and has allowed me to see what culture jamming truly is through its many different forms. Check it out: My Culture Jamming Blog

Culture Jamming

In the Alternative Media Handbook, Chapter 10 (pgs. 162-177) discusses the topic of Culture Jamming. “Culture Jamming is reworking media images and forms to make a political or cultural statement.”After reading I searched for some of the culture jamming examples  mentioned in the book and then I looked for culture jamming not mentioned in the book.

In the book their is mention of a sweater which says “Bush is a Turkey.” After reading I went ahead and went to the website it was on and I found many other political sweaters on there as well.                                                                                                        Here it is:

Alternative Media Handbook also mentions an British graphiti artist who does  combination of political and culture images named Banksy.  Check the images out at they are very interesting.

The Yes Men are also featured in this chapter. The Yes Men were a group of “culture jamming activists” who pretended to be spokespeople for companies, making mock/spoof websites of corporate and governmental organizations websites. There has been a film about it. If you want to read more about them go here:

An example of culture jamming could be anti-advertisements: Here are a few anti-advertisements I found