My Semester Project

My semester project was about analyzing news sources, and finding out whether the audience was getting fact or opinion. I began by using The Onion, a fake news source that took real news and spoofed it. Then I moved on to comparing the coverage of major news events, in order to find out what role opinion played in these news stories. Finally, I hoped to point out that many times news stations have a biased opinion based upon political affiliation. A major conclusion I found was that Fox News had the biggest bias, and was overly slanted to the right wing conservative side. This blog brought to light a lot of issues with in the news, and I have learned to be more conscious about the programs that I watch. Now when watching the news I hope to be more aware about the opinions held by the anchors and by the news companies as a whole.

Photoshop for Democracy

I decided to take one the questions from this presentation to blog about.Do you think that the youth of American today has the ability to separate what is fact and what is fantasy from shows such as The Daily Show? I think this is a hard question to answer because The Daily Show or The Colbert Report really gives vital facts but it is in a satirical matter. Obviously the younger the viewer, the harder it may be for the facts and fantasy to be separated. If the viewer is able to separate the fact from fantasy (which I believe many can do) they will be able to gain vital political information. I think a bigger struggle with these programs is being able to understand the satire and to realize that these men are highly opinionated. The satire can easily cause someone to form opinions without identifying what their own opinions are.  These programs can definitely sway the youth’s opinions of politics.

The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are most famously known as Michelle Tanner from Full House. From the time that they were infants, these twins have been  prominent figures in the media. Once Full House was over Mary-Kate and Ashley branded their name and talent with Dualstar Productions. As CEOs of this company, they began starring in their own feature films and creating tons of products to market their names and image. Today they are mostly known for their fashion line Elizabeth and James but you really cannot separate them from Full House and Dualstar Productions. Many times they are targeted in the media for questionable choices that they may make, but we forget that they are 24 and no longer Michelle Tanner.

Rejection…becoming less rejected?

I saw this video when it first came out when I was about 15. At that time I thought it was funny and obviously a little strange but didn’t think about it again. Seeing it now with the perspective of our class really made me think about the true meaning of the video. Our society is conditioned into acting in a certain way; a way we see transcribed in the media each and every day. I think that Don Hertzfeldt was giving the media, society and these “companies” a wake up call.  I titled this becoming less rejected because this video won an Oscar. It seems as though alternative media/ divergent voices are becoming more and more accepted. Things that would have been “rejected” last year, are accepted this year. I believe the media is slightly shifting more and more, depending on these divergent views.

I found this video, I don’t know if it applies but I liked how they put the two together: