My final semester project is based off of the final paper that I wrote on PostSecret. The PostSecret blog is a place where people are able to send in their deepest most hidden secret without anyone being able to identify them. This allows so many more people to be able to self-disclose this information that they have been holding, feeling like they haven’t been able to tell anyone. Getting this secret off their chest, allows people to get that feeling of relief, that feeling that they no longer have to carry this burden on their shoulders any longer.

In my paper I did a content analysis of one of the books of secrets complied by Frank Warren The Secret Live of Men and Women. In this content analysis, I looked at each postcard and put them into one of eight categories. Those categories being, relationships, introspection, marriage, silly/humor, family, sex, self-abuse, fears, career, aspirations, religion, and other. I chose the top five categories, those being relationships, introspection, marriage, family and sex, and took a sampling of secrets from those categories to make my video.

When I started the content analysis I wanted to find out what types of secrets most people keep and feel the need to disclose anonymously. This information will allow people to see what issues are least talked about in society, the issues that no one ever want to discuss. Finding out this information, will allow people to see how this new media is very beneficial. Being able to communicate in a computer mediated community, where no one can see them, no one knows who they are, is really helping people deal with some issues they may be carrying around.

The reason I created this video as my semester project was because I wanted to show the secrets that people are to scared to talk about. Instead of playing music to the video, I have people’s voices reading the secrets allowed. This shows that anonymity of the secrets and how you will never know who it is that sent each secret in. The reason that you hear the same voices repeat more than one secret, is because once people start reading the secrets, they realize that they to hold the secret that someone else had posted. It wasn’t until reading the PostSecret blog that they realized this. There is a lot one can learn about them selves form this blog.



The Twilight Series

Most teenage girls along with melting when the hear the name Justin Bieber, also melt when they hear the name Edward Culled. Edward Cullen is the main character in the Twilight Series written by Stephanie Meyers. These books are fantasy romance novels about vampires, which first came out in 2005.  The series is about a girl named Isabella Swan who is a high school student who moves to Forks, Washington and falls in love with Edward Cullen who is a 104-year old vampire. First starting out as a book, Twilight was the first in the four book series that has now turned into something so much more. The second book is New Moon, then Eclipse and finally Breaking Dawn. The series has been made into movies by Summit Entertainment, and the first Twilight movie came out on November 21, 2008 and was a huge success. All of the other books except for Breaking Dawn have also been made into movies. Breaking Dawn will be split into two parts, part one coming out in November of 2011 and part two not coming out until 2012. Not only has this book series turned into movies, the Twilight brand has become so much more. The faces of Edward Cullen played by Robert Patterson and Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, have been seen on posters, magazine covers, notebooks, hats, t-shirts, it has been turned into a board game, you can order Bella Swan Halloween costumes, and much more. This simple book turned into such a phenomena that people can’t seem to get enough of.


Canton, MA – Community Website

My town, Canton, MA, wasn’t a hard webpage to find because I had been to it many times before and one could type Canton, MA into Google and it is the first link to appear. My town’s website gives to you the typical information on the town. It provides you with the phone numbers of the different departments in Canton and has a calendar to inform every one of important meeting and events that will be going on for all of us to attend.  Canton’s webpage also gives you direct links to the high school, middle school, three elementary schools, and the library’s webpage. The high schools website was a website I had visited very often. Messages where put up about sports, community service, what we were having for lunch that week, meetings, and much more. It was a way for everyone in the high school to make sure they knew what was going on. Even though all of these websites are a great way to know what is going on in the town, there is no way for people to discuss or blog or comment about any of these events. The closest thing to this was Knowledge Based/ Citizen’s Request tab that I clicked on. Here you were able to make a request, ask a question as well as see the questions and answers of other town members, and you were able to check the status of a question you may have asked.  However, there was no open blog for town members to discuss issues. The closet thing to this was the town’s facebook page.

Of course Canton, MA has a Facebook along with everyone and everything else. On this Faceobok page, people in the community are able to connect with others who are living there or who have lived their before.  Many people have posted issues they have with the town along with many good things in the town. Other town members have been able to comment and discuss on topics and issues they feel the same way about. Some discussion topics included what would you like to see, what Canton does wrong, what Canton does right, and a few more. Without this facebook page, there would be no place for the people in the community to discuss what is going on or their thought on Canton, MA my hometown.