Media, Politics and Society

As I started my research for my research paper I realized how much media actually affects politics and society. My first topic of research was the Kony campaign for invisible children. I read a post already in the blog about it, but my focus is how media was used to mobilize people and to get people aware of an issue that for a while was thought to be a scam and fake. Jason Russel, creator and filmmaker for the Kony 2012 campaign, graduated from the Southern California Film School with a degree in Cinema Production. He then decided to pursue and idea he got when he met Jacob, a Ugandan running away from the LRA. He made a thirty minute video that hit youtube May 3rd, 2012. The video is so well made and the story line so compellingly told that the thirty minutes fly by without one even realizing it.
Studying film production prepares you to portray and convey the emotions you want your audience to feel. It is your job as a film maker to make your audience feel something. For all we know, Kony could not even be real and just because of the way he made the video, making us meet Jacob, relating everything back to himself and his son, making it all a personal relatable experience, we will believe that there is actually a real threat out there for the people of Uganda.
It has been prove that the LRA is a threat to the Ugandan people and other countries around but my main concern with this video is how someone can sell you and one hundred million people a story, that might be a lie, so easily. The media gives a chance for people to control and manipulate our needs and wants and it is scary to see it in action.

Not So Presidential Adress

It was insulting to see the levels this administration has had to go to to reach their unattainable demographic. I am pretty sure there are other ways they could have gone but to go for not only comedy but also insulting and mocking this adminitsration to interest the youth was as condescending as it gets. The worst past was that it was done by Obama himself.
This could be seen as a reflection to how little overall support this president has from young people and how desperate he is to be able to reach them. Someone did mention that if we critic advertisements today as being obscene and insulting then why in the world would our president, one of the most influential and respected people in the world, scoops down to insulting and mocking himself and his administration to reach the youth.
It is expected that as young people we are striving to be better educated and for this reason we attend high school and then move on to college and continue our educations. Having this in mind then don’t try to buy my vote and my interest by treating me like some statistic that proves that humor sells. If we are going to say humor sells then lets just make a man and a women have sex in TV while the logo of is featured on the corner or make them go for an STD test because after all, sex sells right?
It is understandable that he had to look for new alternatives to advertise but it is not acceptable the way he chose to go about it.

Terrorist Attack or Plane Malfunction?

It is funny how still today, even after how much we brag about technology advances, a plane transporting 239 people, can just disappear out of thin air. Personally, it is not the air piracy aspect of this issue that inspired me to write about it, but the way the media is portraying the situation. For some news reports, the pilot is the terrorist, for others, the Iranian’s with the stolen passports. It reminds me to the situation with Knox case of the girl who went abroad. Every news broadcaster sees what they want to see, and most importantly, what they want to sell, and report it as truth.
This specific news has changed so much over the past few days that you would have to stay updated by the hour to keep up with all the new information. First it was reported that the plane supposedly feel off the sky when it went off the radar. They basically used this story to make up for the fact that they had lost the plane and had no idea what had happened to it. Fuel was found in the ocean near to were the plane was supposed to fly by and this reinforced the theory that it was a plane malfunction.
After a couple of days we learned that the plane was actually sending pings for at least five to seven more hours after it went off the grid proving that it did not just fall of the sky. This new information led them to change their search plan completely.
Only after this was learned by the public did the media start with the conspiracy theories about who took over the plane and what will happen to the 239 passengers that were traveling on the plane.
It was very alarming on how fast these theories were changing and how drastically the theories would be. It shows how much can we really trust the media after all.

You Don’t Even Go Here.

It is alarming to realize the reality of our Homeland Security and Border Patrol officers. Personally it is offensive to hear of news like these in the radio. To think that the rights of born americans, naturalized, or residents, are just shattered the second they look different than the common belief of what an American looks like is not unexpected but plain wrong.
The United States has one of the most diverse cultures in the world and this makes the concept of, “what does an American look like,” an impossible thing to grasp. If the United States has people from all over the world like Ireland, France, Italy, India, Pakistan, Russia, Uruguay, Panama, Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, then who decides how an American looks like.
An American should look like the documents they are able to provide. If they are in the country in legal terms, they should be able to be free and enjoy all the same rights as other’s who look like “Americans” and might not even be legal. It is an ignorant belief to think that because you look like you are from somewhere around the world where going to the United States would be a step up, that you are either an illegal immigrant or on a partial visa.
I remember being in high school and having my teacher tell me that what makes a person from a specific country is not where you were born, or how you look like, but nationalistic ideas. It has to do with the idea of where you think you belong and what country you are willing to fight for. If people have to go through the very extensive process of being naturalized, swearing that they would give their lives for the American people and the greater nation, and getting their citizenship, then with what right does the border patrol think they can just stop me because I look different to what the ideal American.
I am Dominican and the amount of jokes that I hear from fellow students about how my visa will expire soon or how all I want in life is a green card, is just appalling. What no one cares to ask is if I am American, how could I be American, right? Well I was born in Manhattan, New York. I lived illegally in the Dominican Republic for sixteen years until my parents actually did the paperwork to double my nationality and I am now back in New York for school. I am both American and Dominican and no one would have ever known.

The Brain Behind the Composer?

In this article we are introduced two people; The composer of beautiful music that has transcended to be a part of a very impacting event in Japanese history, and the poser. This all started when the Olympian Japanese skater,Daisuke Takahashi, was planning on using a very beautiful and symbolic piece thought to be written by Mamoru Samuragochi. Shortly after we learn that Japanese media has been living under a twenty year hoax and that Samuragochi has not been composing all this music. His story is a classic hero romantic story because of how he overcame his hardship of being deaf and even then continuing to compose music when he might not even be deaf, or so is reported.

Samuragoshi, who has been compared to Beethoven because of his hearing impairment, turns out not to be hearing impaired at all. Takashi Niigaki, the brains behind the music, came clean before the big skater’s performance in Sochi because he didn’t want to make Takahashi, the skater, an accomplice to such a big lie.

The most important issue is the fact that the piece that was lied about was originally composed for the victims of the Hiroshima nuclear disaster. This makes the news be even more controversial. How can they trust a man, Samuragochi, who has lied to the whole country’s face?

Then came the question of how did no one find this out before? It was said that because classical music had been losing following in every single part of the world, to find someone like Samuragoshi, whom was portrayed and styled as a pop star, was special. For Japanese meadia it was not even worth looking into his credibility and then again, why would someone fabricate such a lie in the first place?

I found this report to be very alarming because of how little people care about knowing who these starts are, they just care about their fabricated fame. It is the same as the Mathew Mills debacle from last week. Journalism is losing credibility and it is just shocking sometimes to realize how little of the truth is really reaching the audience.

Knox Found Guilty… Again!

Every college student dreams about studying abroad at some point and for Amanda Know that was her Junior year when she went to Italy. Her abroad experience could not have turned more wrong.I found this news to be quite interesting and at the same time alarming because of the inconsistency of the Italian, British and American media.

Amanda Knox was first found guilty of murdering her roommate she had only known for three weeks, Meredith Kercher, seven years ago when she was only twenty. After serving five years in prison she was set free only to be condemned guilty again this past month after two years of freedom. What I found interesting about this story is how the media twisted the story to make it interesting. Rudy Guede, a suspect whom was found later on in the investigation and had his prints all over the crime scene and his DNA was inside the victims body, was given a quick trial and put in jail for even less time that the young American girl set to be a devil with an angel face. The media continued to publicize that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, had taken Meredith’s life in the midsts of a sexual game or maybe even satanic act when there was no evidence to link them to the crime. They were speculated to have cleaned the murder scene and manipulated Rudy Guede to do all the dirty work and leave the evidence behind.

Being a college student myself, about to enter her Junior year, and interested in studying abroad, this news is very alarming and scary. The faults on our legislative system and the pull the media has on the image of a person can change someones life forever. Amanda Knox convicted of murderer because of her bizarre reactions to her roommate’s death and was linked to the murderer because of her faulty memory about the night before. If this are reasons to cause someone of murder, especially an experimental college student, then most of the college students around the world could be found guilty as charged every sunday morning.