Final Semester Project Post :]

So to round out my last semester project post (since I briefly spoke in class today) I just want to say it has been a blast! Although, I am almost broke with 17.63 left to my name (its going to be a boring weekend, thank god for boyfriends :]) I had a great time going to new places and trying new things. I also wanted to document which places were my favorite.

My all-time favorite restaurant around this area, which if you have some spare cash would be GREAT to go to, is Buddha. Buddha is amazing their food is amazing, and their desert is amazing. All around, if I spend money there, I don’t leave regretting it, I leave FULL. Which is exactly how you should feel after blowing 30 bucks on your own meal (tip included).

I LOVED Sara’s blog and I hope that if you ever get a chance to go to any of those places you actually do! I know I will be trying some of those places next semester since I definitely do not have time to visit this semester (leaving on wednesday).

From when I was younger and developed my love for food I’ve always wanted to be a food critic (mainly because I was fat) but it was great to be able to do this. It taught me to eat slowly and enjoy my meals and taste the different spices and flavors that each food has to offer. I know that sounds silly but with a schedule like mine, you tend to hoover your meals pretty quickly.


An extremely sarcastic post about room selection and why I hate everyone. LOL

Okay so basically I know this has nothing to do with anything I just felt like posting a blog ranting about this weeks events: Room Selection.

I will start off by saying that I hate how this “institution” randomizes lottery numbers. Not to get all annoying with numbers on anyone, but I pay a pretty penny like most, or NOT like most students that go here.. so why is it that I get number 257, when everyone else who pays about $2,000 gets number 6. (for the record I don’t know anyone who got number 6, I’m just ranting.)

Basically if I had no friends at this school 257 would get me a dingle in founders my senior year.. I’d be paying full tuition for a dingle in founders? No thank you, I’d call the health department for my unsafe living conditions or get an apartment in White Plains and still save $8,000.

No it’s not anyones fault that I pay so much to go here but they should certainly figure something else out so that its COMPLETELY random, not based on your cumulative GPA. (sorry for partying freshmen year, those memories will last a lifetime).

But moving on, the whole point of this rant was what I discovered in the end:

1. If you ever want to see if a friend of yours is a true friend, then have them participate in Manhattanville College’s room selection and I’m almost 1,000% sure you will see their true colors.

2. I spent SO much time worrying about everyone else and making sure everyone else had a rooming arrangement that I ended up not having one that worked in my favor. And when I was struggling to find a place, they didn’t care. However, people will try to tell you to be selfish and do what’s best for yourself, and although thats true, don’t screw over your friends in the process, because you will be the one who has to face them in the end. Even thought I spent about a month with high anxiety and stress problems I won’t take back all the effort I put in to my friends living arrangements. Because thats who I am, a good friend.


Not only do people lose friends during room selection but they make them as well. I consider myself blessed my sophomore year to have been included in a suite with my 3 best friends and 2 girls I did not even know. Although one of my friends ended being a complete psychopath the other 4 friends I made are life long. Again, as a Junior I was lucky to find two amazing girls that I pulled into a suite with my 4 friends. However this year, I started to see the true colors of people I always respected and would have done anything for. It made me crazy to see “friends” that I had trusted turn their back on me and try to make me suffer in the end all because of their selfishness.


** After crying hysterically to my FEW true friends at this school I realized something that I just wanted to remind anyone else who is stressing.

– In the end everything will always work out. It may not always work out in your favor but everything that’s meant to be will find its way.

– There is only 7 class days left… and Quad Jam is on saturday so it’s time to relax and enjoy the time you have with the people that actually matter!

The E-book? no…

The whole discussion of Amazon and book sales gives me a headache. Christina said it best in her last post. I am not an e-book reader nor do I think I ever will be. Along with her, I love the smell of books, and as stupid as it sounds the flipping of a page (not the sliding of one.) It does make me nervous to think what will happen to the book industry if things keep going in this direction. I have a 7 year old cousin that owns a nook and he reads all of MY childhood favorites on it. Nothing beats a child reading as actual book, my cousin spends his entire day on his nook. Which would be great, if he were always reading. Most of the times he’s playing games and doing things he would probably be better off not doing.

Reading Christina’s post really got me thinking. What will my future child’s generation have as a well known piece of literature? Is Twilight all we have to show for ourselves?

Trayvon, Florida Law, and diversity in the Newsroom

I don’t want to get too far in to the whole Trayvon situation but I did want to speak a little about the florida law that they have. What I’ve heard is that in Florida if someone appears to be threatening you or on the verge of attacking you, you could kill them. The crazy part is, is that you do not actually have to prove they were going to attack you, or that you were in danger? Trayvon Martin, unarmed teenager was referred to as the “all american boy” with a bag of skittles in his pocket. He was shot and killed by the neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman. So basically what I’m wondering is why a neighborhood watch captain is allowed to carry a gun in a gated community. I don’t understand, why anyone should need to carry a gun when they are patrolling in a GATED COMMUNITY! Moving on, why did he, an older man, feel threatened by an unarmed 17 year old boy? Obviously this case is tricky and every day there is new information and new peculiarities coming out. What I found that was interesting was the NPR’s comparison of this case to the Sean Bell case that happened in New York, years ago. This was actually the first thing I thought about when I heard the Trayvon case because in the Sean Bell scenario he was a black male shot by a white person, and in this case the white person was a cop. Of course Al Sharpton (the most annoying man in the world) was automatically involved in that case as well.

This topic of diversity in the newsroom was mentioned a few different times in this NPR podcast and I also was intrigued by this. Shouldn’t the newsroom always be diverse? Shouldn’t the newsroom always remain without bias? Isn’t there anyone that Americans can trust to give us news without having to question it. I know for me, I go to the news to find the truth, I don’t go to the news to have to google and research other possible outcomes to the situation and get other possibly opinions. I just want the facts. Why is that so hard?

Smoking Ads, there not graphic enough.

Smoking advertisements.. are they getting a bit to graphic? Tips from former smokers is a foundation that is aimed towards young people to show them what rare things have happened to former smokers and why they should quit. This is the first time that the federal government is running a nationwide campaign showing the “reality of the disease and disfigurement” that can happen to smokers. By doing this, they hope to help smokers quit. Bob Garfield stated that there is a belief that when you show a smoker dead, or a statistic of dead smokers it may not resonate with the viewer as hard. This is an interesting hypotheses because many Americans have that complex “nothing bad will ever happen to me.”

I feel like a commercial showing someone dying is more believable than showing someone who lost 4 fingers. I know people that have died from smoking related complications, I do not know anyone that has lost 4 fingers, therefore, Id probably believe that I’d die before I’d lose 4 fingers. However, I see nothing wrong with these advertisements. Yes, when I watch them I get creeped out but it makes me wonder. I do not smoke anything now, nor have I ever, so if I get creeped out by these advertisements than I wonder how smokers react to them. I do believe that some smokers think nothing bad will ever happen to them. After all, if they truly believed they would get lung cancer or lose a finger, than why would they keep up with such a nasty habit?

Should I even bring up the Kony thing again?

Seeing as 5 days ago we were supposed to “paint the town” with KONY posters and apparently, as you can tell from looking around campus no one did, I decided to bring up the Kony situation again since listening to the March 16 podcast. (yes I know, really late). According to this podcast Invisible children has reminded us that there is an appetite out there in the world.. but what appetite is this? According to the speaker Nicholas Cristof, the appetite we have is to attract ourselves to a central character. He mentioned the apartheid and when the slogan was to free the prisoners no body joined the movement but when he changed the slogan to Free Mendela, everyone seemed to be curious about the cause. I find this interesting because in Russells case, the creator of the KONY video, he took the lead as the public figure for the cause. When he had his outburst of craziness people didn’t think oh ignore that the cause is still important, they associated him as the cause and because he went nuts, nobody had faith in the KONY campaign. This could also be linked to the fact that many people don’t check their facts before making judgements on a case and they do not look into the background information before claiming to know everything.

No matter what the issue was with the Invisible Children foundation what they did actually worked. Although it help unearth the simple fact that Americans do not do their own research, for a short amount of time the Kony Campaign helped American unite against a cause and actually try and take action.

Bare with me…

So basically due to my enormous workload over the past few weeks my blog posts have kind of taken a back seat. But today marks the end of that. I will be updating all of my NPR blog posts because I haven’t made a post on NPR in a while so I’m sorry for the crazy amount of emails you are about to receive of me talking about material that is clearly about 3 to 4 weeks too late.  You will probably get about 5 emails of all of my different posts so again, I am VERY sorry for this and I hope you can forgive my annoying posts.

Semester Project 6 – La Manda’s

I was referred to La Mandas by an old friend of mine that graduated a few years ago. I love the old school Italian feel and it makes me feel like I’m home. Of course the restaurant could use a bit of work but the food is impeccable. It is literally one of the best Italian places I’ve been to around White Plains and I LOVE Italian restaurants. The average meal choice here is around $ 20-30, and there are a lot of choices to satisfy every kind of person. It’s a small restaurant so it has a romantic feel to it as well as a family atmosphere!

Semester Project 5 – The Cheesecake Factory

I’ve been to The Cheesecake Factory plenty of time but never the one here in White Plains. Just like every other experience I’ve had at The Cheesecake Factory I was very pleased. I gave The Cheesecake Factory an overall rating of an A. Their service was great and their menu choice was huge. I loved the fact that they had a skinny-licious menu for the health conscious so I didn’t have to feel guilty making an unhealthy choice. The average meal is around 20-30 a person depending on what drinks you get. The Snickers Cheesecake is by far my favorite but the other selections are great as well!

Semester Project 4 – Westchester Burger

Overall rating for Westchester Burger was a B. Although I loved the food the atmosphere felt way too Applebee’s for me. I wanted more of an upscale burger place for the price of 25/person. The service was also a bit slow, but then again the food made up for the experience!

It wasn’t too long of a wait for food possibly about 15 minutes but the wait time could vary depending on when you actually go. I do recommend this restaurant for the Burger lover because they give you a “make-your-own” burger option. I’m not exactly a huge burger fan I prefer a chicken sandwich but I sucked it up and had a burger for the experience and I definitely enjoyed my dinner.