Mville’s Got Talent

For my part of the semester project, I did the technological component for the blog, My responsibilities was to upload the videos on the blog so that people would be able to see the content, and was also able to comment them if they liked it or not. The point of the project was to show talent the manhattanville has to offer within its student community. For the first part of my process I created the blog itself, desgning the look of the site, and trying to make it feel like something that is associated with Manhattanville. That was the idea of putting the picture of the quad in the background. This was not a tough task at all and the design of the blog was created in a short time, with categories that allows people to search for students in groups depeding on the year of a performance. Next I received a DVD from my partner, from the past year’s Mville’s Got Talent. I had to rip the content from the DVD, which took a while, but I was able to get it from the disc. It took pretty much all day. After getting the whole performance from the disc, then I had to edit it to smaller videos that could be able to be uploaded to youtube. After editing each performance to smaller clips. I had to upload each of them onto youtube. THis was the only way that I could upload the videos on the blog. I, eventually, uploaded the performance up from individual clips. It was a long, and strenuous process, but it got uploaded. There are also some videos from some performances at quad jam.


My Blog

Hey guys like I was discussing in class today I have a blog. It is about video games, music, and movies, and I try to have some fun with it.  It would be very very helpful if you guys could come to it comment, and stuff because I’m trying to build a website out of this.  The blog is  Me and a few of my friends worked very hard on it so I would appreciate the support. Thanks.

Little Red Riding Hood and a gun

For this blog post, I would like to speak about transmedia storytelling.  Like mention in various of other post, it happens when a group of people, mostly fans, come together and create their own variations of stories.  We have seen this with many stories in time and sometimes the content produced by the person inspired can surpass the original thought.

The one fairy tale that comes to my mind, though, that has been changed and played with so many times is none other then little red riding hood.  Of course it just had a movie, Red Riding Hood, but the twisting and turning for that character did not start their.  The video game company Capcom produced a series of games called Darkstalkers.  A very eventful and fun game, it basically was a fighting genre game that mixed different monsters from different franchises.  Among all of these characters, which included a werewolf, a swamp thing, and a vampire; Capcom decided to twist the story of little red riding hood, and make her a psycho killing machine.  The product was the infamous Baby Bonnie Hood, a.k.a B.B. Hood.  In here picnic basket, she carries machine guns and bottle rockets.


I have played games for about all of my life.  I was introduced to it when I was born because of my brother.  He was 10 when I was a newborn so I grew up with a different sense of things.  I vividly know the old school Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.  I grew up with these consoles and have a great deal of love for them.  No matter what new games comes out, I will always remember the nights playing those games with my brother or my cousins.  It was fun times.  NOw gaming is completely different.  If a game isn’t rated T (Teen) or M (Mature 17+) then it is not deemed as a good game for my audience.  Now, the only games people play are first person shooters such as Halo or Call of Duty.  These games are just basic shooting someone in the head for points.  The more dark or gritty the game, the better it is for todays gamers.  I grew up differently.  I grew up with Sonic and Super Mario Bros.  Where color was vibrant and everyone enjoyed these games.  Where you can play these games with your brother and not worry about the games rating.  Today games must have somewhat of a realistic approach.

Another thing that was stripped away from games was creativity.  Now all it is, is the same video game over and over.  Recently I found a divergent voice with this culture.  IT forced you to think out of the box and allowed you to play the game that you wanted to play.  It was not dark or gritty at all. It actually welcomed you with a nice rating that said everyone can play it.  

The game was greeted with the highly adorable and completely anti stereotypical video game hero.  He is not a fighter or a killer with a gun.  He is a sackboy,what ever that is.  The game allows you to use your mind and actually create levels, something a video game has never done.  It allows you to use your mind and figure out game levels so you can share with your community.  the original game had 90 premade levels created by the creators.  By the time its sequel launced, there where over 2 milions levels created by regular users.  LittleBigPlanet 2 came out and top the charts in its first week out on sale.  The game is fun and it actually has a lot to offer.  It allows you to create your own levels and customize your sackboy.  I love it cause its just fun, and even my girlfriend loves it cause of its adorable nature.  ITs hard to find entertainment that you can enjoy with people all ages. LittleBigPlanet brings that o the table and changes the stereotypes of video games.  This video shows a user that made a level completely similar to the arcade game Pac man.


Now there was a a blackout on Manhattanville college on Sunday; March 6th.  Although it was the second time this year that this happen, it was different this time around.  When I got to my room on Sunday, in which the lights went off as soon as I closed the door behind me,  I had no battery life on my phone at all.  My original intentions was to charge my phone as soon as I get to the dorm, but that did not happen.

As soon as the lights went off, I realized that there was no was for me to charge my phone.  For the some hours that I was in the darkness, all i could think of was how was I going to charge my phone.  Instead of thinking about ways to be safe on campus with a light and other resources, all I thought about was how was I going to get some way to charge it.  I ended up charging it with my already dyeing laptop.  I did not care how I was going to get the energy, but as long as I got it I was ok.  Charging a phone from an outlet is very different then charging a phone in laptop.  For my phone, I can get about 30% of battery in about 20 minutes through an outlet, but through the laptop it takes me about 2 hours just to get 5%.  So I was very desperate at this point.  The blackout showed me how connected I am to my phone and media in general.  If i don’t have my phone then I get an unsettled feeling within me.

South Park

Last class we spoke about pretty much icons.  Rather then speak about one person, I will speak about two people that created an impact to society.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker may not be familiar to you, but there product is something that is never unrecognized.  South Park started its run on August 13, 1997.  Since then, they have been a subject to protest, outrage, and even terrorist death threats.  What makes them so iconic is the fact that they do not care.  They take such subjects that are taboo to talk about in society and they speak about how they feel about it.  Both partners have made fun of high school musical, twilight, religion, nazi’s, sex changes, terrorist, politicians, facebook, and jersey shore.    The list goes on, on what they made fun of.  ALthough this show is mainstream,  it actually has a strong stance on stating the facts. South Park Studios is where all of the episodes are shown and can be streamed straight to your computer.  I feel although all of the episodes are entertaining, there are some that are important to see and digest the message.  “Breast Cancer show” is an episode that the main character Eric Cartman is making fun of Wendy’s project cause of his ignorance for the disease.  Shane Kelly spoke about World of Warcraft and how it was addicting.  The episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” shows how far people will go just to get their entertainment and fun back, with World of Warcraft.  But by far one of the most important episodes is both episode 200 and 201.  You cannot find this episode though.  They do not show the episode because Comedy Central does not want to show it cause of its content.  John Stewart actually spoke about it and sums up what happen.

Co Op, Bronx, NY website

I was looking for my home website online.  I am from the Bronx, but I actually live in Co Op City.  This is located in the Bronx.  This link is a wikipedia article about my hometown, it is not the actual website for my town, but it does gives vital information about the area.  Finding this website was extremely easy.  All I did was type it in google and I found it.  It was the first link that popped up.

The website is very generic and it really doesn’t showcase any community aspect of Co Op City.  All it does is give information and shows the apartments that are available in the area.  I have lived their all my life, so seeing all of this information isn’t new to me.  I could actually make a better website about my community. This site looks like it wants to just sell the community.  Anyway this is the website for my hometown.  Click here for the link.

Co Op City also has a facebook profile.  Of course, I liked the page because of the obvious.  This actually seems more interesting than the actually website for my hometown.  It shows how many people who liked the page and even has a link to the wikipedia page.  The link is here.

Online before it was mainstream

Online gaming is a huge thing today and it allows people to play and interact with thousand to millions of people around the world.  Many years ago it was hard to even think about playing with someone in Japan while you sit in the comfort of your living room.  The closest anyone could get to playing with others is actually having people coming to their house or going to their local arcade.  Arcades is a huge part of gaming culture and it actually shape many of the games that people play today.  But with technology rapidly growing, these locations are becoming obsolete .

The new home consoles are actually taking up this market now.  All three of the main systems; Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and the PS3,  have functions that allows the player to connect with others all over the world.  Xbox live, Playstation Network, and Nintendo Wifi, has millions of people signing on everyday so they can play and interact with others.  Conversations grow and the online community begins to have their own groups within this network.  Within these groups conversation topics flutter from the weather, to how had the best play in the games.  Online gaming on home consoles is a new wave, but many people truly do not  know where it originally came from.

When ask what is the first online community for video game consoles many people would say and argue that Xbox live was truly the first network to allow gaming online into peoples homes. This is actually not true, because the Playstation 2 had an online network of its own.  The first actual gaming console that allowed people to communicate and play with others online presented itself on September 9, 1999 (9/9/99).  The Sega Dreamcast was a new console that showed better gameplay and far more superior graphics then its competition.  The one special thing about owning this system was that it allowed people to go online on web browsers and play games with others in the network.  You where allowed to play with others around the world and finally speak your mind to them when they decimate you in a game.

Although it was a great idea and very revolutionary for its thoughts and efforts, the Sega Dreamcast was the last system that the company Sega manufactured.  It did not do well with its sell, but critically it was a success.  The Sega Dreamcast did not work out and it fell off very quick.  The Dreamcast is the perfect example of technology before its time.  Even though it is an idea that is mainstream today; in 1999 it was not very premature and not ready for the public.  Many technological steps has this problem when they first come out.  Many publishers have the risk of releasing a new idea that the public is not ready for yet.  The Sega Dreamcast fell in this category.  Even though it did fell off, many gamers still want a new version of the Dreamcast.  This link shows the impact the first Dreamcast had, and still holds 12 years later.

Pirate Radio

The one chapter that really spoke out to me in the The Alternative Media Handbook was the chapter that spoke about pirate radio.  It is really amazing that people can take something as mainstream as radio and create a divergent voice to express how they feel.  This is away from the hands of the FCC.  This chapter made me remember that Family Guy episode, when Peter Griffin made PTV because he was fed up with the company and their right to censer anything the please.  I found this website that actually gives you many links for different types of these radio stations. It is also free so take a chance and look at it cause it is pretty interesting.  If anyone is interested in this subject, there is actually a really great movie I saw in my intro to mass comm. class.  It is called  Pump up The Volume.  It is with Christian Slayter and it is about a teenager that has his own radio station and he speaks about anything he wants.  You can actually find the full movie on youtube.