Semester Project

I really enjoyed working on this semester project with Ivan. I believe we did a very good job. To summarize, we created a blog and a Facebook page and we covered all rugby games for this semester and we had a tournament.

I am personally very interested in rugby after I discovering the sport this semester. I feel that this blog and Facebook really helped me discover my own divergent voice about rugby and being able to share something with people that I really enjoy doing.

I feel we reached many people and followers for being just a class project. I realized that many of the people who followed were people interested in the sport and students at Manhattanville, I feel that we reached the goal of our project, which was to give voice to the Manhattanville sports that aren’t cover by the school.

We wanted to include more than rugby, like quittich and freesbee.  However, through the process of the creation we learned that these sports didn’t have games going on during the fall and we were lucky to even get the rugby games. This realization is what made our page more focus on rugby.

I believe this semester project was a big success and not only because we had a goo turnout, but because I enjoyed it so much. I want to continue into having the blog and the Facebook page through the spring semester and have people updated information on what’s going on with rugby, freesbe and quittich at Manhattanville.

We also took a video on one of the rugby games and in order to upload it to our Facebook and blog we had to create a vimeo account. There were also some interviews that I had done with the Captains of the rugby team and in order to share those as well we had to create a soundcloud account. To me this process was very fun because on my own I got to learn how to create podcasts and edit videos. I was able to play around and get to explore different means of social networks that I never used before. I was able to understand how sharing information really worked, when I stared this class I really had no Idea and sometimes didn’t really get to understand it when we talked about it in class, but this project really helped me in understanding those things and the reason being is because I was able to apply it and explored the different types the digital world works.I find myself now sharing things all the time and also following people on their blogs, videos, comments and Facebook.

Check out our blog and our Facebook

Check out our vimeo and soundcloud



MPR – Week 23 (Is Amazon A New Monopoly?)

I understand, like any other company why Amazon is being defined as a new monopoly and how it can negatively affect writers and publishers, however, as a student I find Amazon products affordable, especially their books. I really don’t see the big deal, as the company that Amazon is their goal is to make profit, like any other company. I know that writers are struggling, but I believe that there are many other ways to sell their books, the issue that is being discussed  is that publishers want to set their price as opposed to Amazon setting it for them, but like any other company that’s trying to make profit is understandable that they want to set their price standards. According to the NPR this week this is called agency pricing, which means that Amazon is selling their books for cheap in order for people to stay and buy other products, but this is their business strategy. I don’t agree that Amazon is going to kill the book industry, liek I said there are many other ways to sell books and this personally benefits the consumer (me), I think this is a good way to promote books to students who can’t really afford to buy them at full price. I definitely don’t agree with what it was said on NPR that “Amazon wants to lure us into buying other things through books.” I honestly can’t complain, they have cheap things and free shipping, I am not opposed to either of these.

Weekly Project Update (Natali & Ivan)

Tonight Ivan and I got together and worked on our semester project. I am very excited on how it’s starting to look. We finally got our blog and Facebook to look more approachable.

First, we added two more blogs, one on a rugby game and a soccer tournament. I covered the rugby game and Ivan covered the soccer tournament.

Secondly, we chose a background for our blog, which I think goes very well with the theme of our blog. We also edited our Facebook page and added a logo for our main Facebook picture.

Here are the links:



Feel free to like our facebook page and follow our blog.

We still have a lot to work on. One of the main things we are still working on are more tournaments and gaining followers. Which is the main part of our projects.

Weekly Update on Semester Project (10/17)

Hi Everyone, 

Ivan and I have finally started our semester project. We created a wordpress blog and a facebook to promote our blog and make small announcements on the school’s intramural games/events we will be covering for our semester project. 

We started our semester project this past Saturday, October 13th. We went to the first collegiate Rugby Game between Manhattanville and Iona, we watch the game and took some pictures, which I still have to upload to put them on our blog. After attending the game we created a wordpress blog and immediately created our first blog, not only did we create our blog but we also created a facebook page.

Once we created our pages we wanted to post pictures, and decorate our dashboard, however, we have not uploaded the pictures yet and we had a couple of questions about copyright issues that we would like to discuss in class. 

Here are the links to our facebook and blog ,which we have not yet started to design, however we came up with a name for both and we already started to blog. 




Facebook Fan Page:

On the Media (Fact Checkers)

In all the journalism classes I have taken I was always taught that the most crucial thing about reporting is to have accurate and reliable sources in order to have the facts right. To me its very surprising that big news networks and newspapers are getting their facts wrong? Check them before you publish them! I really don’t understand it as a student I am able to get my facts right, so as professionals who work for big news network, getting their facts right should be a priority. One of the reasons why these reporters lack credibility is because of they are being biased as NPR discussed; Craig Silverman mentions that these big networks are reporting wrongly and I highly agree with him because this is one of the biggest ways to loose the listener’s trust.


Another topic discussed that tied into the “fact checking” topic was the one about the world coming to an end. I thought this topic was very interesting, David Morrison mentioned that all the fuzz people are making about the world ending is all a lie, people are getting the information from the internet, which is not credible and its a big “rumor.” This goes back to our discussion in class about “The democracy of knowledge;” we all have the ability to publish whatever we want on the internet, whether is true or not, and now a days people want was easiest and most accessible to them, so when people type on the search engines, whatever they find is what they get because its there and easy to understand. However, they should do more research really find out what is the truth and what’s not. ANYONE can publish ANYTHING on the interne!

On the Media (Week 9/10-9/14

What is happening to the world? and why are politics utilizing the media negatively? To me It seems as if the media is being used as a way for political candidates to discuss non-important issues, like “who is better than who.” As mentioned in this week’s NPR pod-cast, real issues in the world should be more mainstream and covered more often. The digitalized world we live in now is making people lazy and instead of actually reading or watching shows with “substantial topics” they tend to only see or read snippets of the news on twitter, facebook and other social media sites. Not only is our society becoming dumbed-down, but it seems as if we are getting unreal information or a representation of what should be real–a combination of both. We are attacking superficial topics as opposed to real ones. 

 NPR discussed that the political convention was more of an informercial and a staged ad than an actual convention that focused on real election issues. Michelle Obama’s speech seemed as a “simulated performance,” one of the reporters mentioned how different it was to watch it in person than on the TV, its misrepresented on TV. I never knew that there were teleprompters used for politicians to give speeches and of course the media won’t show the audience this. I think that they were a bit harsh on Michelle, but to me it seems as an act and the doubt of her speech possibly being fake is there, although she “wrote” her speech, I am still it still thrown off by it because we are still not targeting the real issues among these candidates. 

Generation Why? by Zadie Smith

To me Zadie Smith’s article was very interesting; it helped me realize who I really am as a person, and who am I? am I my own person, or am I an influence of somebody else’s personality?

After reading “Generation Why” I realize that we are becoming more and more dependent on other’s thoughts and beliefs, our ideas no longer seem our own and are shared with the whole world.  The idea suggested by Smith that our own thoughts are not private, scares me, because I never really thought about it that way, is as if when I am on Facebook I am subconsciously sharing my life with others, some of who I don’t know, but yet are my friends on Facebook.

People are constantly writing on their Facebook what they do, who they are with or where they are, is as if people want to be stalked or followed, this truly bothers me, but I sometimes find myself doing it. What it comes down to is that you want people to like you and know what you do. I feel like privacy has slowly disappeared, it no longer exists. Smith helped me tap on my subconscious; how can you be your own person if we are sharing our lives with others?

Not only has Facebook become a public site for distribution of personal information, but it has also become some sort of competition on who is liked more than who. “What is your relationship status? (Choose one. There can be only one answer. People need to know.) Do you have a “life”? (Prove it. Post pictures.) Do you like the right sort of things? (Make a list. Things to like will include: movies, music, books and television, but not architecture, ideas or plans.” To me this quote by Smith is very true; Facebook has become a medium in which we use to inform others on how you want to be perceived; by showing people our statuses, likes, dislikes and interests. We want to be liked, we want to be cool and we want other’s to think so.