FINAL PRJCT: Minors of the Mainstream – AJP

drum roll please . . . . . . . . . . . . . . knock yourselves out watching my Video Project – would definitely appreciate some honest feedback if you guys would leave some comments.

If i’ve learned anything while preparing, interviewing, and editing this video, its the lack of credit we give the media for being so manipulative, and worse yet, the lack of understanding the average student has with regards to the mainstream and the credibility of information. I’ve come to truly believe that no way in hell are we an INFORMATION SOCIETY. I came across dozens of people that (A) don’t even truly understand the information that is fed to them — they only repeat the same old tired lines that they hear from these mainstream big wigs —- and (B) that the majority of people don’t bother to question sources or indulge in a wide array of different information outlets. They are lucky that they even read one. I know I sound very critical and lack any faith in people but I guess I just never really understood how WRONG people are.

I remember we spent the last class debating what an “information” society means and whether or not technological determinism means a smarter and better informed public. The answer is NO. It just creates a smokescreen.  The more we have the more junk their is to shift through to find something truly valuable. The more work we have to do for something that isn’t directly mandatory, the less likely we are to do it. Then again maybe this is what separates the big from the small; the weak from the strong. Maybe conglomerates are the way they are because they can be. Scratch that: conglomerates DO behave the way they behave because they can. Its our fault for not getting their first. The only thing one can do is spread information we see fit. Honestly, it isn’t even really a matter of bias in the media anymore . . . its more a matter of awareness, judgment, and unfortunately corporate influence.

My point is: I look forward to seeing how you all interpret the short film. I’d rather hear what you guys think of it and what it means to you . . . . I made it so I already know what I was thinking. Any divergent voices want to take a crack at it?