My Last Post for the Semester…

So, for my last post for the semester I am going to talk about something in my own life, and in the lives of the rest of Manhattanville students. Our pub. Yes as I have said in my first post from today, that we all complain when we shouldn’t because we have an amazing school, I just want to put out some of my thoughts. Now, the pub has always been a fast way to grab food. You get a wrap or a sandwich a soda fries you swipe and off you go with your day. But the whole system at the pub is completely messed up. I was inspired to write this post after reading Bash’s article in the Touchstone.

First of all, I am going to address the wrap, italian/sushi, and salad lines. While there is never a line at the salad or italian/sushi station the line for wraps is always so long. It takes 5 minutes for them to make a wrap, and instead of having more than one person working, they should have two, or even 3. It would get things done much faster and it would help serve the ultimate purpose to the pub. However, the salad station and italian/sushi station never have lines. Now, I don’t know if it is fully why I think it is, or if it is quality, whatever the reason may be I think a lot of it stems from pricing. While you can stand in the wrap line and get a wrap, fries, and now a larger sized drink, standing in the salad line you get a handful of lettuce and are only allowed to pick like 4 toppings, what’s that crap. It does not, by any means equal to the amount of food you get from the wrap station. Second the sushi/italian, I’m pretty sure almost everything at this station goes over a meal swipe. Everything in the pub should be able to be purchased as a meal swipe. We should be allowed a MEAL.

A frozen pizza, a salad, sushi, chips and soup? A combination of any of these is lunch but if we want frozen pizza it’s over a swipe, we get like a scoop of soup and a piece of fruit for a swipe. I just don’t understand how their pricing and the up-marking works. Ramen is like 39 cents in stop and shop but like 2 dollars at the pub. That may be exaggerated but its making my point. I just wish the school was able to fix this obvious, complained about glitch. I think it would help serve its purpose more widely throughout the student body, and also serve as a place people would want to purchase items.


The Secret Formula That Predicts When Celebs Break Up..

This podcast was basically a way for the general public to understand or learn how to calculate the length celebrities will be together.

The 5 factors include; months spent dating, combined ages at times of marriage, amount of skin showing for the bride on her first google picture, measure the quality of bridal popularity and marital bliss

If her fame is tabloid fame, it is going to be a short marriage? I think this whole idea and podcast, while funny is kind of sick. I mean I understand the life long obsession everyone has with celebrities that it totally understandable, but I think this is kind of mean. We are predicting when they are going to fail? How about we predict how long they are going to stay together, or the attributes that make someone have a happy marriage. Marriage is such a blissful happy idea, and it is a unity between two people that is suppose to last “until death do we part”, but these days that doesn’t happen.

Without getting into this long discussion on people in general and how I think people get divorced for fashion, I will narrow it to celebrities. Famous people are only together for months, even days in recent history. Especially with the all famous situation of Kim Kardashian. Now this, in my opinion is terrible. If you are signing an agreement and whatnot, you should truly trust the vows placed. Marriage is something serious to me and to not be played around with and I think celebrities see it more as something like dating. They get together for a bit, decide they want to change get divorced. Why the hell did you get married in the first place? And I think this is why, terrible ideas like this podcast present came about because celebrities don’t really realize how they are being viewed by people. I think it’s bad for the public to scrutinize the people for something they do in their own lives, I mean everyone makes mistakes and messes something up once or twice, and I myself and doing some scrutinizing, but I do think they need to realize the image they are presenting, and this is why people get gossiped about.

Semester Project

My Semester Project

So, I am going to preface with a sorry, I am updating the blog with 4 new posts, so you’re about to get a bombardment of emails!

I just wanted this blog to be a small way for me to tell you all what I thought of my ending product to the semester project and what I took away from it. First of all, I must say, that I could not have been prouder of Francesca & I’s project. I think the end product, the video, and the collection of responses, can truly help demonstrate some of the diversity and Manhattanville College on it’s own. The process of the video was so interesting listening to all of the students tell us what diversity was. I think one of the best parts was how each student had to actually stop and think of something we talk about everyday. DIversity is such a widely used popular word, and I think in some cases, people are not even sure how to fully explain what they mean by this, so listen to the collective student body made this possible.

From this project I think I definitely take away a pride for Manhattanville. The college itself is so beautiful and while we all always complain about our food, or the pub, or something going on with student accounts, this college is something special. It is different from many of the schools that my friends attend, and I think it’s in a good way. We have such a variety of students and some brilliant professors, and the sources we have for internships are amazing. The small campus allows us to have a close niche to faculty staff and fellow students and I think this video truly demonstrates this beauty

Chapter 10- The Wisdom of Crowds

Here is what my presentation was going to say; the points I touched upon and didn’t.

Chapter 10 is basically discussing what works and what doesn’t work within the constraints of companies and corporations. Referring to “the crowd” in this chapter, would, I believe, be referring to employees. I found two main parts to this chapter interesting and the one other section also caught my attention.

Part 1:(page 194-195):

Zara does two things very well

First employees anticipate and adjust to its customers’ ever changing demands, trying to coordinate its behavior to match that of customers

Second coordinating actions and decisions of tens of thousands of its employees getting them to direct their energies and their attention toward the same goal: making and selling clothes that people want to buy

I found this whole concept interesting. I first found it interesting because I feel like this is something every company or corporation should try to achieve. The fact that Zara coordinates itself for customer behavior and attempts or tries to get all employees to reach the same goal. Of all companies the author choice this one to discuss.

As Surowiecki says; “The fundamental paradox of any corporation is that even though it competes in the marketplace, it uses instruments-plans, commands,controls-to accomplish its goals”

The questions I raised were;

Why do you think the author choice this company? What could they be doing differently compared to other companies and corporations (not in the fashion industry)?How do you think this transpires within the fashion industry?

Part 2: (pages 198-200)

Different ways of coordinating a business can be looked at as a reflection of gangster films in Hollywood.

-The first exemplified by The Godfather Part 2. business is run by a top down hierarchy like a traditional corporation.

-The second model of group organization can be seen in Michael Mann’s film Heat its

like a small business.

-The last model is in movies like Asphalt Jungle and Reservoir Dogs where individuals come together to pull off a single job and then disperses, very much the way an independent film gets made.

Which one does everyone think is the best and why? Each has its own pros and cons for the way a business should be run, and I think it mainly depends on the products being sold or manufactured.

Part 5:

(Page 212)

Lastly I thought Surowiecki’s description of the virtues of decentralization was very interesting. He explains it as two-fold.

First the more responsibility people have for their own environments the more engaged they will be, and second decentralization makes coordination easier.

The critique people have is that even if power is given within the company, it will still mainly land in the hands of the management. However, top down power is built into the DNA of the corporation so theres no point in trying to eliminate it.

Finally, no decision making system is going to guarantee corporate success. Its always a hard decision for corporations to decide whether it will work better with one man in power, having several men in levels of power, or if the power is spread evenly throughout the employees.

If you were to run a corporation which method do you think you would choose?



My new Iphone

So, going off my clear interest in the first cell phone this week, I decided I’d make my “media blog” about getting my Iphone. Now, I understand this probably sounds like a very mundane boring topic to blog about because almost everyone in our class has an Iphone, but my experience with activating mine was, of course, not something simple. So I went to Verizon to get my new phone, and use my upgrade, and directly following with the description of an Android, the Verizon employee proceeded to tell me how much of a “tech junky” he was and why the Android was awesome. And normally, I would take interest into something else, if not every single person I came in contact with on a daily basis didn’t have an Iphone, and if I didn’t love apple products, so basically everything he said about Androids sounded like the teachers in Charlie Brown movies, “wah wann wamp wahh”. (That was the best way I could to think to spell that). I waiting patiently for him to finish then I continued to tell him how I simply just wanted the Iphone. He got the phone, and activated it for me, blah blah blah, same old story, you’d think. BUT, as soon as I left the store I had about a billion and one issues in activating the phone, and the “tech junky” clearly had no idea what he was doing. I spent three hours trying to figure it out! Finally after figuring out what I needed to and playing with my new phone, I was super excited. But, it got me thinking. How great can technology be? When I was trying to figure out how to activate my phone, it took me about 4 hours just to try one thing, and another 2 to google things that no one truly new the answer too. My explanation for my trip to the Verizon store was a little of a  dragged out introduction, but I just really couldn’t believe how terrible it was trying to set up something that it suppose to be this great piece of technology, something I believe to be a great piece of technology. The more advancements we make in technology, obviously the harder these things are going to be to use, but I just wonder how much harder these phones  can become and how much would people actually want to keep using them?

The first cell phone…

I found “The First Cell Phone Call”, really interesting. Looking at it so many years later, with so many advancements in technology later is the crazy part. We have come so far in cell phones, especially from the standpoint of the first call. Cell phones are now people’s life lines, and to imagine life without them would be insane. Thinking back to a time when it was insane to have them just sparked my interest. I could not imagine not having a cell phone. I am, for some odd reason, the worst cell phone carrier ever. I break almost every phone I own, drop it in water, or lose it. I have a hard time grasping the concept of keeping something safe I suppose. But even though I have this problem I still love my phone. I have gone a week without a phone before, due to waiting for new ones to come in after breaking one, and that was probably the hardest week ever. It was hard contacting people and doing many other things you may not even realize, taking down notes, finding people’s number, having an alarm to wake up in the morning and the list goes on. In a way I think it would be interesting to have a national day when no cell phones worked and see how people reacted to this, and what people would do. If no one had a cell phone, I think some people may actually go crazy. My mom always talk about what it was like not having a cell phone because she grew up in an age when they weren’t around yet, or at least popular. She even admits that cell phones have become a crucial part of technology in society.

Another Post On Trayvon Martin..

So besides my other post about models this week, my interest was definitely sparked in class over the Trayvon Martin case discussion. I think this case is very interesting. One thing that I found completely mind boggling, I guess you could say, is the pictures Melissa showed in class. Now I am personally not that familiar with the end of the case, or the new evidence that is emerging, but I am aware of the premise. Now I think it’s crazy the pictures we’ve seen of Trayvon in the media, and the picture Melissa posted. It’s honestly amazing to me how much the media is able to choose the person of a case as a “victim”. Now you’re probably thinking, “theres always a victim?”, but in this case, I don’t believe it’s so concise or should I say black and white. I mean yes a young boy was shot and killed, never something that should be the case, but the murdered allegedly walked away with a broken nose from this “victim”, and in a state that strongly believes in the stand your ground law. So I guess, the point of my blog, besides discussing whether the pictures truly show the character of the people involved is that I don’t think blame can entirely be placed on either person involved in the case. I’m sure there are plenty of alleged ideas about what happened that day. First, the classic innocent child ploy; Trayvon was walking down the street minding his own business, and a white,hispanic man came up behind and shot him dead for apparently no reason other than “being in his neighborhood”. Second, the not-so-innocent boy, actually beats up Zimmerman, and George shoots him in self-defense. Now what’s wrong with both of these stories is a young kid is dead and shot, without a single conviction for Zimmerman. But I think the ultimate issue is this Stand Your Ground Law. I think its honestly despicable that this is even a law. How can they make this possible? This is a perfect example as to why this is an issue. Now Zimmerman is saying it’s self-defense, but if you listen to any of the police tapes, when Zimmerman calls in, you can clearly hear the policeman tell him not to shoot him. From the time this call is made, and the shot is fired, there is no evidence proving whether Trayvon attacked Zimmerman or not. There are about a billion and two flaws in the case, first that Zimmerman was never tested for drugs or alcohol, a drug detective was sent to the scene rather than a homicide detective, and I’m pretty in the autopsy none of the investigators even bothered to look at Trayvon’s body. Specifically his hands. If you are punching someone hard enough to break their nose, then there would be marks on his hands. But, guess what because of this law Zimmerman is free. And not only is he free, but this man has a history of violence. What could be next? Something in the state of Florida needs to change. I mean how can people even feel safe. Now all the facts in this blog are what I’ve heard from radio, or from our class discussion so if any are false I apologize, but from what I’ve gathered in hearing those different accounts of the case, I think, as I have said, the blame can truly go to the state of Florida for implementing a ridiculous law. Actually not for just implementing the law, but allowing such a lose trial of Zimmerman as well. If one man is able to use the Stand Your Ground law as his sole defense, how many others will start to as well?

Are Models Too Thin?

So, as some of you may have seen, I’m very interested in the portrayal of women in the media. One factor that plays a large role to this image is models. Models are used for everything, ads, commercials, magazines, runway, etc, and the image or aura these models give to society, is what creates the ideal image of a women. Currently; tall, thin, and usually “flawless”. For many years this idea of thin has been pressured upon tons of women, and those of the fashion industry, in some cases, resort to eating disorders. It’s the sad truth to one side of modeling we have never seen. This in turn creates models who UNREALISTICALLY skinny, with bones showing and all, just not even healthy. That’s why for my “media blog” this week, I will be discussing something I found on Stumbleupon. 


For those of you unfamiliar with the website, it’s basically a search engine in some respects. You click on what your interests are and then hit the “stumble” button and it finds websites that suit your interest. Well fashion is one of my interests, and while “stumbling”, I found an article that was quite interesting. “Laws Scrutinizing Women’s Bodies Will Do Nothing To Prevent Eating Disorders”. Apparently Israeli government has recently set in place a law that requires “eating-disorder models to gain weight”. Now, while some of you maybe saying “hmm this actually sounds like a good idea”, just like I had, would think otherwise if you had read the article. Basically, the author of the article is explaining that, by making models gain weight in the industry, it is still putting implications on what the female figure should be. It’s still saying that “one size fits all”. It’s still telling women that if they don’t look a certain way it is not okay. And to solve this issueImage a 3-month up to date doctor’s note will be the solution. It must simply say that the model’s BMI is 18.5, give to photographers and whoever else before photo shoots. 


This seems simple enough but as Anderson,author of the article explains, this is going to encourage more unhealthy eating habits then the industry already presses. Models will “pack on pounds very quickly” to make the cut off for 10.5 BMI, and then need to lose the weight immediately for photo shoots and run ways, because we all know it is most likely fashion directors will still be pressuring these girls to be rail thin. “Yo-yo dieting”, is even worse than a simple eating disorder, and placing pressure like this for these girls is going to be even more dangerous on their health. 


I am a total advocate for making sure that women of all sizes are represented in fashion, and I do believe that most models are too thin. But I don’t think implications such as this are a healthy or good idea. Models are going to force to fluctuate in weight more rapidly than probably ever before, and the health of these women is going to decrease. I think, instead of the government placing a law on how big or small these models should be, the fashion industry are more to blame. Or even worse, society. Our society and culture is more strung up on the “ideal body” than any other culture, and more girls of younger ages are turning to eating disorders for help. If it was possible for models to just simply be the size of someone such as Marilyn Monroe, (who was a size 12) then it would be more likely that models would be healthier, happier, and lessgirls and women would be effected by eating disorders.

Crazy Laws..

Have you ever heard of a law that is trying to get passed, that is the most obscene ridiculous idea ever? Well I have. A law along the lines of this apparently new found idea that women shouldn’t have contraception, or many rights at that. Which I guess could sound totally obscure and feminist, but in my opinion this is the direction I feel the republican party is heading towards.


Last week when I was fooling around and going through the homepage on Facebook, my cousin’s status caught my eye. It said something to the effect of “I can’t believe this..”, and proceeded to have a link to a news story about Arizona is attempting to pass a law about the use of contraception. If an employer would like, they will be allowed to check the medical history of female employees, and see why they use birth control. If birth control is used for contraceptive reasons, they are allowed to fire said employee. Now sometimes you see these news stories, and they can end up being rumors, or false information, so for now we’ll go with the thought that this was 100% accurate information, and ideas. I don’t really know for sure whether or not this law is being put up for debate since I have not heard of the story else where.


Anyways, first of all this is completely ridiculous. I don’t understand how it is even legally possible- for an employer to read or pry into the medical history of an employee. Why or how under any circumstances is this acceptable. And for that matter, why does it matter what an employee is doing what their sex lives. Per say, I guess this is technically the issue. Why does it matter if this employee has an active sex life or not, and would like to protect themselves from pregnancy. If an employee is able to have a stellar work performance, and this becomes an issue, I think this is a much bigger problem to relate to.


Second of all, I don’t understand this sudden downfall in women’s rights. The republican party  apparently finds it acceptable to make laws that have been in effect for years a current issue. There are so many other things our government could be worrying about. And above all, after reading an article by ABC news which stated “Within weeks of hitting the U.S. market in 1998, more than half of Viagra prescriptions received health insurance coverage”. Why is okay for men to use Viagra, which is a drug for the sole purpose of sex, but it is not okay for women to use birth control, which can be used for contraception, but has many other uses as well.  I am completely dumb founded at what the republican party is turning into, and I guess my thoughts are kind of all over the place, but this whole story caught me completely off guard. I am honestly unsure of WHAT to think.

My blog experiment

Well, as embarrassing as it is to post this picture to our class blog, it is on facebook so I know most of my “friends” and the public has seen it, and for the sake of a good blog, I choice to add it for visual effect.

Now, when professor Proctor approached the class with the assignment of creating a small media based experiment, this picture slowly came to mind. Now, let me preface this blog with what was done and what media based outlet was used, so the class can understand better, how truly funny this was.

Basically, one night during summer, in the days when Chatroulette was popular(if some of you are unsure what this is, it is basically a website where you randomly video chat with people, who tend to be horny teenagers, or creepy old men. And now I know you’re wondering why I was on this website but it was, at one time, fun for college students) me and my friends decided to test something out. Now in most cases, the people on this website, were looking to talk and interact, I guess in some respects “sexually”, with people of the opposite sex. So we thought it would be funny, to make my body look basically how the media or society would deem as “good” or attractive, but make my face look awful (based off of the media’s idea of pretty of course). So I would start the chat out with a narrow shot of just my chest, or my body but not of my face. In most cases girls would respond by calling me a “slut”, while guys would respond and tell me it was “hott”. So to spice things or make them more interesting I would start dancing, still without showing my face, to see what people would say. The reactions we got were priceless, and in many aspects demeaning. But after dancing around in the camera, I would flash a shot of my face, pictured above. People on the site didn’t know what to do. We taped the reactions of people, and it was so funny to just watch how these people interact with me, before and after showing my face.

Now, actually looking at this whole idea, it was extremely humorous to do something like this, but in actuality it really made me think. Is society and the media really the demeaning? I mean people would tell me if I didn’t show them my face they still wanted to see my body, or they would instantly click the “next button” in order to reveal someone else.This is sad to me. It’s a good way to demonstrate how superficial someone can be. People donot understand what they say and how they act can have a long standing effect on someone. I am not the type of person to easily get offended or bothered by something like this, but someone could honestly be damaged by this. And of course people are going to say and act however they want, because it’s not an actual face-to-face interaction. I would really like to test another experiment of the same degree out and see what happened but who knows if I ever will. It’s just something that was interesting and went to show how society has really made it apparent that looking a certain way is important to people, and having a simple conversation with someone to getto the know the person on the in