A Live Commercial – Interactive Advertisment

I don’t know if any of you have seen this, but I’ve been meaning to post it up on the blog. I came across this on Youtube a few weeks back and I found it to be extremely creative and fun to watch. It is an interactive commercial where pedstrians could actually take part in it. Everything has become digitalized these days, however with creative ads like this, it catches the attention of everyone who happens to be around the area. It takes place in real time and in the common space of everyone. It is marketing tactics like these that should be looked up at rather than just tv/internet ads. Enjoy!

A Uguanda Response 2012

What ever happened to the Kony 2012 campaign?!?!, its been a while since we’ve heard anything on the topic. For the past month or so, we’ve been only getting one side of the Kony 2012 campaign and so I found it very interesting to listen to NPR podcast about the Invisible Children Kony 2012 video.. In response to Kony 2012, a group of Uguandan journalists made a video that sheds light on the Uguandians and their reaction to the campaign and their plans for helping the Uguandans. According to the podcast the video was “less polished” than the original video and only had 3,900 youtuve views within the first week.

According to Uguanda 2012 contributer Rosebell Kagumire, Uguandans were worried about the video damaging Uguanda’s reputation and having it affect its tourism, and image. When asked to talk about the video, Kagumire said that “We are not looking to raise up emotions, we are looking to get thoughtful emotions to end this war.” She then goes on to explain that the aim should not be just to capture Kony, but to think about his victims and their struggles, along with their hopes for their future. Instead of just focussing on eliminating Kony from being a threat, Uguanda has other issues that need to be dealt with. For example, Rosebell talks about a major neurological disease in Northern Uguanda called the “nodding disease” that currently affects 2,000 children between the ages of 5 and 15. She uses this an example to claim that there are other serious health issues in Uguanda that the world should be more imformed about instead of just directing their attention to Kony 2012. In reaction to the Kony 2012 video and Invisible Children, Rosebell says that she “finds it obsurd that people who can afford to tell the story correctly, choose to tell it the wrong way” and that she owes nothing to invisible children because of the way thay have depicted the situation in Uguanda.

I am completely for expressing the views of the Ugaundans themselves, instead of just having a one-sided story. If the world were more for the interest of the Uguandans and the victims of the war, they would have involve the Uguandans themselves to create a joined effort in solving Uguanda’s issues. As for the health concerns of Uguandan children, I feel that there should be more exposure on this through the media , as well as a mobilized effort to spread the word about the real truth behind what is happening. It is almost as though the U.S is trying to tackle this problem on its own without including certain factors that have been left out. People should be more aware of why they are doing something or joining a cause rather than just because everyone else is. Its sad to know that the Uguanda 2012 video received much less attention than the Kony 2012 video. This just goes to show how much social media and video editing could really make an impact on its viewers, instead of the people behind the videos themselves.

Semester Project – Advertising – Update

So I began filming for my semester project! I used my mom’s small digital camera which initially seemed like a good idea however I found myself having to walk all the way back home every time the memory was full.  I did though get a lot of filming in of different ads be them on cabs, billboards, telephone booths etc.  Just on ONE side of the avenue there were about 6-8 ads which i stopped and filmed each for a few seconds, not to mention all the other advertising.  I walked from my place to just outside grand central filming all the ads but I’m planning on coming back soon to continue filming inside grand central and maybe film the ads on my way back in the subway to my home..  I’m still a bit unsure of how to contract the video but I’m first focussing getting the footage first and then edit everything together.. All in all I like how its coming along!! and I’m excited to continue the process… I also noticed that there were about 2 or 3 ads that I saw at least 10 times on my way to grand central … anyways I’ll keep my updates on the project coming. peace!

Project Update and Revisions

Wow!! its been a while … for my project I’m deciding to film my walking path from 53rd and 3rd to grand central and then use imovie or final cut to speed it up. I think for this project distance would be a better measurement of advertisement spottings as opposed to time. Instead of recording every ad I see for 3 hours per 3 days I will just record the ads I come across on that path. With this I want to give the viewer a sense of how many different types of ads they encounter in the span of around 10 blocks in the city. I will start filming this weekend and start editing around next week.

Mobile Devices being issued to U.S Officials

The article I chose to write about was entitled “U.S. government, military to get secure Android phones” and is feature on CNN’s website. According to this article, “Some U.S. officials this year are expected to get smart phones capable of handling classified government documents over cellular networks”. This secret project has been ongoing and is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency According to Michael McCarthy, a director for the Army’s Brigade Modernization Command, the army has been testing touchscreen devices at army bases for nearly two years however currently U.S government officials are not allowed to use such devices because they have not met security certifications.

If all goes well, the army will first be using these mobile devices capable of sending and receiving government files. The article also states that 40 phones were sent to U.S soldiers abroad and by March, 50 more phones and 75 tablets are expected to be shipped overseas. The mobile devices will first be sent to U.S soldiers, followed by the federal government. Despite the improvement in technology and communication between officials that these mobile devices will give way to, officials “worry that hackers or rogue apps could tap into the commercial version of Android and spill state secrets to foreign governments or to the Web through a publisher such as WikiLeaks.” In addition to this Government officials are working on how to secure voice calls. However, despite the possible threats from using these devices, with secure smartphones, soldiers would be able to do such things as locate fellow infantry on a digital map. Smart phones that are capable of storing high-level classified information that would “compromise national security if intercepted” are expected to be ready in the next few months according to developers in the Government program. Within the next few months, more will be exposed as the government works on eliminating any threats that will expose top secret information.

Semester Project Proposal

For my semester project, I am choosing to create a visual/audio compilation of advertisements and brands, be them through the internet, billboards, magazines etc.  The slideshow will consist of picture/video advertisements along with music and shocking statistics that I will be gathering.   For one week straight, I will be paying very close attention to my surroundings and am going to take a picture/video of every ad and brand name I see.  I will then compile each photograph/video/audio sample, ultimately creating a slideshow on iMovie.  The purpose of this slideshow is to emphasis the role that marketing and advertising has in our lives and to perhaps demonstrate all aspects of advertising.  This progressive slideshow/video will be constructed in an artistic manner, all the while having a lasting impact on its audience.