Final Project

Choice of the Week


My semester project has been to create a blog called “Choice of the Week”. The blog has, as it name states, been a place where I have posted my choice of what I have thought has been the best of the week, in different categories. The different categories on the blog has been as follows: song, quote, picture, and video. The different posts are presented and explained with my take on them. In my explanations I include why the picture, song, quote, etc. meant something to me and why I liked it.

I started of my blog with an explanation of why I was doing this blog and what I wanted it to include. I did also write in the blog that I wanted to e anonymous. This, because I felt like I would be more comfortable expressing my true opinions on the content I posted. I further point out that what I will be writing about are my opinions and that I hope people will not be offended by the content I write.

Why I decided to do a blog like this for my semester project is probably because I felt it was a good way to express some of the content that interests and inspires me. I have a great interest for music and other creative works like pictures. What my blog expresses is pretty much a description of me, and what I stand for, in terms of interests. Most of the music that I have posted is not a style that many people hare in the U.S can understand and appreciate, but to me, it gives me inspiration.

Because of the theme of the class, and the projects goal, my blog is completely divergent. I have not seen any blog like it and I think that the blog is kind of unique because of its variety. Then again, I am not very into the whole blog-world and I am not planning to get more involved then I already am.

The goal for this blog has not been to gat as many followers or viewers as possible. Yes, I have been asking some questions on the blog and referred to other blogs, but it has never been my intention to write this blog for other to read it. What I am posting on the blog are just my opinions and if people like what I write they are welcomed to read, but I am not going to promote my blog like there was I need for me to express my thoughts. Even though I have not been promoting the blog in any way (not even to class members or friends) I still have about 10 views a day. This feels weird and a little embarrassing and makes me a little uncomfortable. My plan right now is to continue with the blog for as long as I feel that I am gaining something from it. Right now it works as a way to express my thoughts and I hope that it will keep doing that. It has been a fun project and an interesting class. My research paper has really had an affect on me, and I guess that is somewhat the point when writing about something that really interests you.



Transmedia in Sports

New York Yankees might be the worlds most recognizable sport team in the history. Is it because people watch their games? Or is it simple because the franchise has made a really good job using transmedia marketing? To me, the answer is simple. The Yankees has made its logo recognizable all over the world and used it in a very profitable way. It has also made people eager to find out more about the New York based team. Examples of this are: magazines (people buy magazines to find out more about their stars), video games (people want to be a part of something and especially their favorite team) equipment, (the fans want to use the same equipment as the players of the Yankees) and documentaries (fans want to get to know their players).

This is an example of how Sport teams can be used as a transmedic way and as for the Yankees, make people interested in what is behind the logo. Many teams in all kind of different sports are trying to do what the Yankees have done, but the question is if any team ever again will have the same popularity and recognition across the World.

My town, Lidingö, Sweden

My town Lidingö is located about 10 min from Sweden’s capitol Stockholm. The town is actually an island that is connected with the mainland with a bridge. The local website is called and is basically an explanation of the island. the website is actually available in English! The different sections makes it rather easy to find what you are looking for. I think it is a really nice and well planned website and I can’t find anything that I would want to change.


Pirate Radio and Rejected

The part in the Alternative Media Handbook that I got most interested in was the part about pirate radio. The way that they just ignored whatever rules there were and started to broadcast their own radio station is to me fantastic. I am especially talking about the offshore pirate radio stations that went out to sea and with basically none to stop them. This does obviously remind me of the movie “The Boat that Rocked”. The movie follows a pirate radio, offshore crew, of rockers. They are so passionate about what they do that they wouldn’t even stop when the law came after them. “Radio Rock has an implacable enemy in government minister Sir Alistair Dormandy, (KENNETH BRANAGH) who vows to shut it down.” The movie is to me kind of inspiring giving the fact that following and somewhat succeed with your passion can make you happier than anything else.

Something that I had no idée about is that fact that it is still possible to create your own pirate radio station. The movie takes place in the 1960s and I sort of took for granted that the law would have find a way to control these stations. The fact that people still are able to get their messages through via radio is highly interesting.

The Rejected version that I chose to post does not really have that much of a meaning, but I wanted to find a singing version of the clip. First I tried to find a clip where the Swedish Christmas carols where the main thing (it is actually absolutely hilarious how they used that song). Then I came across this version of “I am an banana” that is very creative and kind of funny.