Blog Post Assignment (Spring 2018)

Here are the guidelines for each student’s required contributions to the class blog:

  • 10 responses to class reading, listening, and discussion – these can come from Bunk,On the Media, or other tangents we go on together
  • One on a podcast of your choosing, sometime from 2/5-2/22
  • 2 posts documenting your research/semester project work
    • First during the week of 3/19-3/23
    • Second during the week of 4/16-4/20
  • 2 wild cards – These can come from your own independent research, extra responses to class discussions, or any class-related topic you get approved by me
  • 20 responses/discussions w/other blog entries

Word counts should run roughly 250-300, but this isn’t a hard number. I’m looking for substantial interaction with the material. I encourage you to make posts as multimedia and interactive as possible, with links, sound/video, photos, or other media you see as relevant.