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My Semester Project!

Hello Everyone! I am happy to say that my semester project is completed. For those of you who don’t know, I did a blog on culture jamming. Culture jamming is a recreation of an image or an idea that is represented in the mainstream media. Culture jamming makes fun or goes against images and brands well-known in society. While I was doing this blog I discovered many interesting methods of culture jamming through different types of media that I did not even know exists. Throughout my blog, I go through different forms of culture jamming that I have found and discuss them in greater detail. I discuss culture jamming through specific advertisements, billboards, case studies, websites and more. I also bring up issues or questions that are often raised throughout the issue of culture jamming such as: culture jamming as a commodity, culture jamming and the mainstream.  Overall I really enjoyed working on this project. It has increased my sense of awareness and has allowed me to see what culture jamming truly is through its many different forms. Check it out: My Culture Jamming Blog

FINAL PRJCT: Minors of the Mainstream – AJP

drum roll please . . . . . . . . . . . . . . knock yourselves out watching my Video Project – would definitely appreciate some honest feedback if you guys would leave some comments.

If i’ve learned anything while preparing, interviewing, and editing this video, its the lack of credit we give the media for being so manipulative, and worse yet, the lack of understanding the average student has with regards to the mainstream and the credibility of information. I’ve come to truly believe that no way in hell are we an INFORMATION SOCIETY. I came across dozens of people that (A) don’t even truly understand the information that is fed to them — they only repeat the same old tired lines that they hear from these mainstream big wigs —- and (B) that the majority of people don’t bother to question sources or indulge in a wide array of different information outlets. They are lucky that they even read one. I know I sound very critical and lack any faith in people but I guess I just never really understood how WRONG people are.

I remember we spent the last class debating what an “information” society means and whether or not technological determinism means a smarter and better informed public. The answer is NO. It just creates a smokescreen.  The more we have the more junk their is to shift through to find something truly valuable. The more work we have to do for something that isn’t directly mandatory, the less likely we are to do it. Then again maybe this is what separates the big from the small; the weak from the strong. Maybe conglomerates are the way they are because they can be. Scratch that: conglomerates DO behave the way they behave because they can. Its our fault for not getting their first. The only thing one can do is spread information we see fit. Honestly, it isn’t even really a matter of bias in the media anymore . . . its more a matter of awareness, judgment, and unfortunately corporate influence.

My point is: I look forward to seeing how you all interpret the short film. I’d rather hear what you guys think of it and what it means to you . . . . I made it so I already know what I was thinking. Any divergent voices want to take a crack at it?

Semester Project:

In class this past semester, we have discussed a number of issues relevant to new media, and how technology is always evolving. One example of this is the idea of how certain communities are meeting less in person, and instead moving to the Internet. The day we discussed this, one particular website came to mind: is an alternative news source where people from various communities can come together online and read about what’s going on in their hometown, written by members of the community that are hired to write these articles. The editor of each chapter, as well as the staff writers, only serve their own town/city, which creates a more personalized, homey experience for the people who use this website.

Let’s take a look and see what it has to offer!

About Patch Foundation

Terms of Service

Harrison Patch, NY

Local Editor Information

The Patch Process:


And now for the most important part! I wanted to see what the process was in order to get a Patch started in a new community, so I e-mailed, as well as three different editors. None of them wrote me back, so I asked my mother (who is a staff writer) to e-mail her editor. You can read his response HERE.

After seeing his response, it seems that it is harder than one would think to have a Patch started in their own community.

I’m waiting on the official message from Patch Headquarters, so STAY TUNED!

EDIT: Article about today’s protest on the Harrison Patch.

My Semester Project…Graffiti Culture: A Divergent Voice

When I started this project I knew almost nothing about graffiti or the huge culture that surrounds that art form. I simply took a camera and began taking pictures whenever I was in the city. Over the course of six weeks I was able to interview a number of graffiti artists around the city, and in Chicago, as well as gain a much greater respect and appreciation for the art. The following excerpt is spoken in my video, but I’m putting it here for you to read so that it is even more clear and understandable.

My exploration of the graffiti culture began as a discovery of a new divergent voice. Well, not new since graffiti has been around for a long time. Can graffiti be seen as a divergent voice, I asked? Can the art be a medium for a message that can get out to the public without going through mainstream media channels? What kinds of messages are there? During my exploration I discovered that there are many layers to the graffiti culture. Although people walk by graffiti every day, many only see it as vandalism or the disruption of public property. Most people do not really pay attention. Walking around with a camera for six weeks helped me notice things I might have never seen. There are sometimes messages hidden in the artwork if you stop to look, though the reasons for painting are varied. Some have no message, or if they do it would only resound with people who understand that culture, or are a direct part of it. I discovered that in many ways, graffiti is almost like a Zine, or a form of “community media” that those who are “in on it” would get, but those outside the “community” might not be interested in. And yet, like I said, if you take a camera or just look closely at the mural on 42nd St and 7th Avenue, or stop by the trash can in Brooklyn, or walk the streets of Inwood on a late spring evening, you might notice a divergent voice or two coming out through the paint in the walls or on the sidewalk. In the end, graffiti doesn’t have to be a divergent voice, but sometimes it can be.

Click the link below to watch my project. Although it is not uploaded in the Mville channel on youtube, it will be as soon as I can coordinate it.


The Semester Project

We’ve talked for the last few weeks about different divergent voices, and how they are seen and heard through convergent media. Now it’s time to use your own divergent voice.

Here is a loose collection of guidelines for your semester project. Keep in mind that while the guidelines are loose, the attention and direction you put to the project should be rigorous.

  • Submit a written proposal for your project to me anytime before Thursday, 3/25 either in class, on the blog, or via email, including a summary of the project and the steps you’ll take in doing it from 3/25-5/6.
  • You should choose which media you’ll work within for your project (print, audio, video, online) based on your own strengths. Remember, this is a seminar, not a technical writing or production course, so don’t choose a medium that you will need technical instruction on. If you choose anything which needs equipment, you are responsible for stating your equipment needs in your project proposal. If you’ve taken or are currently enrolled in a production class, you might be able to check out equipment from the COMM department, but equipment is limited.
  • This is may be either an individual project, or you may do it with a partner. If you choose to do the project with a partner, both of you must show me the scope of the work and each of your tasks within that scope. I am much more likely to approve  a team project in which each person works in a different technical medium (e.g., one person does the writing, one does the video production), as this would be right in line with the convergent element of the media.
  • BE UNIQUE! Try to do something you’re interested in, something you feel needs to be said or done in the media that has not already been done in the way you want to do it.
  • Every week in April I expect a weekly update on your progress on your project, including what you’ve done that week, what the next steps are, and any questions you may have as you go along. You should do this via the blog, and we’ll also use Thursdays as workshops.


Thursday, 3/25 (The Thursday after Spring Break) – Have your semester project proposal approved by me