Semester Project

My semester project and my research paper were sort of related. They were both about reality TV. For my semester project focused specifically on The Real Housewives of Orange County. I began watching the show every Sunday night for several weeks. Each week I would write a blog. I usually give a recap of what had happened and comment about various parts. I would often choose a specific character and discuss the issues they were having and how I felt the were playing into a specific role. The women on this show should be embarrassed of how they behave especially since they have children who, will one day view this. I know I wouldn’t be proud to see my parents behaving the way these catty materialistic women behave. Even though I think the show is relatively ridiculous, for some reason, I enjoy watching it at times. I love to see the products and clothes that are often times featured on the show, so I added links on my blog to some of the websites for products that were seen on the show. When I was searching for pictures I came across a blog about the housewives that I found particularly funny , so I added that also.


The Making of: The Paranormal Zine

When Bryan and I first got together, we were both deciding on the theme or the topic of our Zine. We both decided to write a list of our interests, and when something similar showed up from the list, which was an interest in the paranormal life, we knew we had to make that the theme for our magazine. Growing up, I would enjoy watching vampire, zombies, or ghost movies and even reading about them, so I knew what type of articles to incorporate into the magazine. Over the course of a few weeks, we decided the articles we would put into the Paranormal Zine and distribute the work evenly. I had written the main article, which is “Life Married to a Zombie,” about a satire about a couple married at a young age, and the husband slowly turns into a zombie from losing his dignity because the wife is controlling in the relationship. Another article I wrote for the paper is an interview with a ghost, talks about a ghost still haunting her old residence where she killed her husband and his mistress, and her afterlife composes of her seeking revenge on men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends. One of the other things I had made was an advertisement called “G-Harmony,” where lost souls can find their loved ones, I really enjoyed making it and I wanted to do a satire relating to ‘E-Harmony,’ the dating site. There are many more articles I have written but I will not go more in depth in it so the class can read about it. I did enjoy planning and writing the articles but now, Bryan and I producing the content into making it look like a magazine. We hope you will enjoy reading “The Paranormal”, as we had fun creating and making it come together. Once we are done putting everything together, we will post a pdf version on the blog!

For the Love of Love

For the past few months, I have been writing about love, being single, relationships, break ups, dating, and everything in between. My blog, “For the Love of Love, ” assesses the good and the bad sides of romance and gives advice to women. I present my take on common issues that they may deal with when searching for, or, holding onto, love. Typically my posts tackle obstacles that most women encounter in love, but occasionally I write about lighter topics such as things that I love, romantic traditions around the world, and date night activities.  Every week I also choose a romantic movie to showcase.

Many of my topics are inspired by my own experiences or by those of friends. I sometimes even receive emails or comments that ask me to write about certain things, such as how to deal with a painful breakup or lying. I typically write a new post every other day to keep my viewers interested. My favorite posts are those that generate discussion amongst viewers.  I would have to say that a few of my most controversial posts have been “Unofficially Official”, about women who are strung along by men who never let them know their relationship status, and “Under Wraps”, which is about men who only date in private.

My blog has posts and photographs down the center of the page and I have little blurbs surrounding them that give viewers a better idea of who I am and how they can interact with the blog.  I have comment spaces under each post as well as a Love, Like or Dislike sections.  I have a new poll every week pertaining to questions of love that viewers can vote on, whether or not they subscribe to the blog.  There is an area that introduces me as well as one that has contact information for viewer submissions.  I also added a tab that allows people to receive email notifications when there are new posts.  The bottom of the page has a listing of  the most popular posts for the week and there is a section with links to related blogs, both my own and those of fellow bloggers, that my viewers may also enjoy. There is also an archive of old posts that people can access.  I set it up so that people who see my blog can contribute and give feedback, whether or not they actually create an account and subscribe.  So far, I have a number of followers and get hundreds of views per day. There is a “Views” tab on my page that keeps track of the number of views and organizes them into the day, week, month and the total time that my blog has been up. As of now, I have an average of 300 views per day.

I think that I am going to continue writing the blog even after the class ends.  I enjoy talking about things that I think so many women think about but never really have an outlet to express themselves in, or are too afraid to publicize their thoughts. For me, this blog has been a way to express my own opinion and divergent voice regarding love.  Though people may disagree with my posts, it’s always helpful to hear what others have to say.  I hope that those who read my blog have been able to get something out of it, whether that be knowing that they are not alone in their thoughts by agreeing with me, or finding their own voice by contradicting me.

Here is the site! Enjoy!

Semester Project: Digication

After presenting my semester project during class on Thursday, April 14, 2001, I thought that I would write a blog explaining the definition of digication, the connection between digication and divergent voices, and my personal reasons for creating a digication site since I cannot post the actual digication site that I am creating on the blog as it is being housed in IWeb until is launched at the end of this semester.

I researched digication to better understand the reasons why digication is used and the many benefits that digication has to faculty, students, and future employers for students. Digication is a managed learning environment or a learning management system that is normally sold to K-12 institutions, colleges/universities, and professional organizations. Digication allows faculty members to manage course content and to share and view student contributions. Manhattanville is preparing to introduce its faculty and students to an electronic portfolio management system, which is a type of digication page in order to offer faculty and students a unique assessment system used for collaborative learning, sharing work, and showing future employers student creations.

Digication is a rather new idea that was commercially marketed for the first time in 2004. There are features within digication, which include customizable templates, archive tools, and the ability to upload documents, spreadsheets, publications, and presentations.  Digication is a divergent way to collaborate, share, and sell yourself to future employers in comparison to more mainstream ways including resumes, cover letters, and even the newest of possible mainstream media including and Digication is a divergent way to share your own divergent voice…who you are, what you have done, what you plan to do, and exhibits of your own voice or technological display of voice such as a blog.

Personally, I have several reasons for creating my own digication site aside from the electronic portfolio management system that will soon be launched to Manhattanville faculty and students. On April 26, I will be an Internal Communications Specialist for 6 months. During the past 6 months, I have learned who I want to become, who I don’t want to become, and have been involved with several projects including, but not limited to, corporate publications, corporate presentations, event planning, technological re-designs, and currently, the company’s annual report. I have grown to appreciate Corporate America, but still do not know if I will have full-time employment with this company upon graduation in May 2012. In preparation for graduation, professional development, and career advancement, I have decided to create my own digication site to exhibit my own voice, specifically through presentations, publications, community relations, blogging, and general information about me shown through a divergent media. I initially worked with and understood the idea of digication in Professor Zoffel’s courses where students are able to not only view his digication site, but to interact with the site to complete their academic coursework…chapter end questions, classroom blogs, etc. If you would like to view Professor Zoffel’s digication site in order to better understand my semester project, click

For the Love of Love

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post the link for my semester project.  It’s a blog that I have been working on that relates to love.  Most of the time my posts are my personal stance on particular issues that single women, women in relationships or women casually dating may have to deal with. Other posts are just ideas, recipes or stories that are love related.  There are spaces for people to comment, rate posts and take polls.  The blog is also open to viewer submissions, so if anyone is interested, email me at If not, just check it out and let me know what you think.  Any feedback is appreciated! Below is the link.


The Semester Project

We’ve talked for the last few weeks about different divergent voices, and how they are seen and heard through convergent media. Now it’s time to use your own divergent voice.

Here is a loose collection of guidelines for your semester project. Keep in mind that while the guidelines are loose, the attention and direction you put to the project should be rigorous.

  • Submit a written proposal for your project to me anytime before Thursday, 3/24 either in class, on the blog, or via email, including a summary of the project and the steps you’ll take in doing it from 3/24-5/5.
  • You should choose which media you’ll work within for your project (print, audio, video, online) based on your own strengths. Remember, this is a seminar, not a technical writing or production course, so don’t choose a medium that you will need technical instruction on. If you choose anything which needs equipment, you are responsible for stating your equipment needs in your project proposal. If you’ve taken or are currently enrolled in a production class, you might be able to check out equipment from the COMM department, but equipment is limited.
  • This is may be either an individual project, or you may do it with a partner. If you choose to do the project with a partner, both of you must show me the scope of the work and each of your tasks within that scope. I am much more likely to approve  a team project in which each person works in a different technical medium (e.g., one person does the writing, one does the video production), as this would be right in line with the convergent element of the media.
  • BE UNIQUE! Try to do something you’re interested in, something you feel needs to be said or done in the media that has not already been done in the way you want to do it.
  • Every week in April I expect a weekly update on your progress on your project, including what you’ve done that week, what the next steps are, and any questions you may have as you go along. You should do this via the blog, and we’ll also use Thursdays as workshops.


Thursday, 3/24 (The Thursday after Spring Break) – Have your semester project proposal approved by me