Semester Project Update

This weekend, Sarah and I wrapped up the bulk of our project that included the interviewing of 10 randomly chosen students on campus, the gathering of photographs taken, and videos recorded of them sharing their experiences of diversity at Manhattanville. We have now moved onto mashing our footage into a video presentation that collaborates and celebrates the uniqueness and true diversified community of Manhattanville College. While students thoughts and reactions to what diversity means to them differed, the glue to this project was that every student agreed that for Manhattanville to continue to grow as a community, a unit, the college must continue to offer the institution the ability to do so.  Through seminars, workshops, music festivals, programming opportunities, and seminar classes– students believe Manhattanville has the tools to continue growing as a singular unit.


Semester Project Update!

Today Sarah Camarata and I continued our progress in interviewing various student subjects for our final semester project on diversity. We interviewed four people, with an additional three people to be interviewed on Saturday. That will bring us to our final total of 10 different Manhattanville Students to be interviewed for the project.

Based on our interviews today many conclusions were drawn from the students who discussed diversity at Manhattanville. While all students seem to agree that manhattanville is in fact a diverse institution, it is students willingness to rbanch out of their “comfort” zones and interact with othrs from different backgrounds, clubs, athletic tems, interests, etc that is the tricky part. Based on a question asked to the students who interviewed with Sarah and I, they said that it seems as though students are afriad to branch out because of the factor of not being accepted by others from different “cliques”. Futhermore, students shared that if Manhattanville worked harder to offer more community/school wide programming then the opportunity for students to meet new people would improve.

All in all, the conclusion we’ve drawn from today is that regardless the colorof your skin, your ethnicity, your hobbies, or academic interests the problem with diversity at manhattanville is not that people dont understnad it, or don’t want to accept others, the problem is that studetsn lack the courage, the motivation, and the opportunities to branch out and meet new people different from who they know.

Semester Project

The police procedural television genre is very popular in today’s society. These crime dramas garner viewership from multiple age groups. Thw police procedural NCIS is most popular with viewers over 50, a group that is less desired by many advertisers. The show received a 4.2 rating among the 18-49 crowd which made it a top 10 show for that week but the rating is nothing compared to 15.3 rating among people over 50. In numerical terms the show attracted 5.3 million viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 and 14.8 million viewers over 50. Police procedurals attract a diverse audience.

The following link is to a commercial that played online during the streaming of the Southland episode Community. This commercial about becoming a police chief to help your community is very fitting to the show’s premise and was strategically aired during this show that is based on the lives of police officers.

Semester Project Update

Sarah C and I (Francesca), are sending out just a quick update to our semester project. We are finishing interviews with various students this week (by Sunday 4/29) and will then spend the time remaining before the semester project showing digitalizing our interviews and photos taken and then incorporate them into a “vlog-esq” presentation that mashes up the various answers and interpretations of students whom were interviewed.

In terms of the types of answers we received from students thus far, we’ve found that many students are hesitant to discuss their points of view on diversity off the back. What I’m beginning to believe is that for such a globally diverse institution like Mville, students are very intimidated by the subject of diversity in general. As we conclude our last interviews, we hope to break the silence and discomfort of students and gather honest perceptions of diversity at Manhattanville.

Time Lapse

I don’t know if I’m overly emotional because it’s the end of the semester, or if this video truly and simply is very cute.

In any case, I would love to share this video that I just saw with all of you just because I know we all have our moments of “wow, time flies!” It captures this beautiful girl’s personality and growth so well that I know I would love to do the same with my own children someday.

I’m going to end this blogpost before I get too cheesy…. but here it is. Hope you enjoy.

And don’t forget to check out my semester project blog, I have posted again!!!

Semester Project Update

Hey Everyone!

So, I am still in the process of updating our class blog and categorizing all the archives.  I have finished with our class posts and am moving on to classes from 2011 and 2010.  I just wanted to thank Marina for giving me an idea of what to call the category of our entries that would otherwise be listed as “other” or remained in the “uncategorized” folder.  So if you are looking for any blog entry that isn’t about our Semester Projects, Class Notes, Research Papers, The Wisdom of Crowds, or NPR’s On The Media, you might want to take a look at the Thought/Ideas/Responses category.  Thanks again Marina!

I know the semester is coming to an end and everyone is wrapping up their semester projects, but if anyone has any ideas or would like to see something else in our blog feel free to let me know!

Update on Semester Project

So I had been doing a lot of research on how to record the audio and video of a Skype or FaceTime call. I downloaded “LineIn” and “Sunflower”. These applications are responsible for recording the voice and audio. The instructions online wanted me to download these applications and go through GarageBand to change the input and output settings. Basically, I was extremely confused while worrying I was downloading a virus onto my lap top. Eventually, I just decided to do some audio recordings. The audio is clear and this way I can display more pictures in my project from mine and my sister’s childhoods. I was disappointed I couldn’t get both the audio and video working. I liked seeing how comfortable my sister and I looked on Skype, just talking a laughing with one another, but the audio is still effective. My sister’s answers were pretty lengthy so now I have to work on editing them down to fit in the video.

I am recording my mom early this week. I am expecting the technology set up (and reminding her to hold the Ipad up in front of her face) tougher than with my sister.

One thing that I had been having trouble deciding on was how to record my own thoughts. I didn’t want to record my audio and video speaking directly to the camera in my project. I thought it would be weird to be standing next to the projector screen in class while I was talking to the class on the screen. Instead, my sister and I had more of a conversation than a “question and answer” portion. I may even do this with my mom, too, because I liked the idea of me and my sister playing off of each other and reacting to one another.

Semester Project – Advertising – Update

So I began filming for my semester project! I used my mom’s small digital camera which initially seemed like a good idea however I found myself having to walk all the way back home every time the memory was full.  I did though get a lot of filming in of different ads be them on cabs, billboards, telephone booths etc.  Just on ONE side of the avenue there were about 6-8 ads which i stopped and filmed each for a few seconds, not to mention all the other advertising.  I walked from my place to just outside grand central filming all the ads but I’m planning on coming back soon to continue filming inside grand central and maybe film the ads on my way back in the subway to my home..  I’m still a bit unsure of how to contract the video but I’m first focussing getting the footage first and then edit everything together.. All in all I like how its coming along!! and I’m excited to continue the process… I also noticed that there were about 2 or 3 ads that I saw at least 10 times on my way to grand central … anyways I’ll keep my updates on the project coming. peace!

Semester Project 6 – La Manda’s

I was referred to La Mandas by an old friend of mine that graduated a few years ago. I love the old school Italian feel and it makes me feel like I’m home. Of course the restaurant could use a bit of work but the food is impeccable. It is literally one of the best Italian places I’ve been to around White Plains and I LOVE Italian restaurants. The average meal choice here is around $ 20-30, and there are a lot of choices to satisfy every kind of person. It’s a small restaurant so it has a romantic feel to it as well as a family atmosphere!

Semester Project 5 – The Cheesecake Factory

I’ve been to The Cheesecake Factory plenty of time but never the one here in White Plains. Just like every other experience I’ve had at The Cheesecake Factory I was very pleased. I gave The Cheesecake Factory an overall rating of an A. Their service was great and their menu choice was huge. I loved the fact that they had a skinny-licious menu for the health conscious so I didn’t have to feel guilty making an unhealthy choice. The average meal is around 20-30 a person depending on what drinks you get. The Snickers Cheesecake is by far my favorite but the other selections are great as well!