An entire relationship told through still photographs

This short film is about 3 years old, but I think it’s interesting especially with all the talk about Facebook, pictures, and the permanent nature of the Internet. I think it’s pretty fitting for the course as well. I mean, I can go through my Facebook photos and piece together some kind of story and I’m sure a lot of you can, too.


Justin vs. Trayvon

Early in 2011, a boy, Justin Patterson, was shot and killed by the father of a girl he was spending time with. Norman Neesmith was angry to see Justin on his property with his daughter. He grabbed his gun and chased the 22 year old. One of four bullets shot sliced through Patterson’s side. He died in Neesmith’s yard that night.

Over the past months, Patterson’s parents have been watching the Trayvon Martin news coverage and wondering why the injustice that killed their son wasn’t as publicized. Why weren’t their walks dedicated to their son’s death? Why wasn’t Al Sharpton booking a ticket to the location of Patterson’s killing?

Senior editor at The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates, says that the reason behind some cases with racial implications are put in the national spotlight due to “social and traditional media”. She says that sadly, what happened to Patterson is not unusual.

The family is enraged that their son’s killer only got a slap on the wrist and the N.A.A.C.P. has not even gotten involved.

I am not surprised that Patterson’s story was not a nationally known event. Look at Casey Anthony. Unfortunately, I don’t think Anthony was the first person to ever hurt their child, but just like the KONY2012 video, social media and news coverage latch onto stories for one reason or another. Someone involved could be a celebrity or someone could have put together a flashy video that went viral about the topic. Once anything is so commonplace that even slacktivists are interested, we all get involved, typically emotionally and feel it is our duty to take a stance against a killer or for someone who faced an injustice.

Basically, there isn’t always a rhyme or reason things go viral. The editor in the story claims Trayvon Martin’s case was popular because of media, but then she continues on to discuss ideas of how that instance was more unusual than Neesmith killing Patterson.

Should we pay attention to every killing? Is it right for us to get involved when we don’t know the situation first hand? Maybe we need to get to the root of the problem and work towards teaching tolerance so less killing is the norm.

An extremely sarcastic post about room selection and why I hate everyone. LOL

Okay so basically I know this has nothing to do with anything I just felt like posting a blog ranting about this weeks events: Room Selection.

I will start off by saying that I hate how this “institution” randomizes lottery numbers. Not to get all annoying with numbers on anyone, but I pay a pretty penny like most, or NOT like most students that go here.. so why is it that I get number 257, when everyone else who pays about $2,000 gets number 6. (for the record I don’t know anyone who got number 6, I’m just ranting.)

Basically if I had no friends at this school 257 would get me a dingle in founders my senior year.. I’d be paying full tuition for a dingle in founders? No thank you, I’d call the health department for my unsafe living conditions or get an apartment in White Plains and still save $8,000.

No it’s not anyones fault that I pay so much to go here but they should certainly figure something else out so that its COMPLETELY random, not based on your cumulative GPA. (sorry for partying freshmen year, those memories will last a lifetime).

But moving on, the whole point of this rant was what I discovered in the end:

1. If you ever want to see if a friend of yours is a true friend, then have them participate in Manhattanville College’s room selection and I’m almost 1,000% sure you will see their true colors.

2. I spent SO much time worrying about everyone else and making sure everyone else had a rooming arrangement that I ended up not having one that worked in my favor. And when I was struggling to find a place, they didn’t care. However, people will try to tell you to be selfish and do what’s best for yourself, and although thats true, don’t screw over your friends in the process, because you will be the one who has to face them in the end. Even thought I spent about a month with high anxiety and stress problems I won’t take back all the effort I put in to my friends living arrangements. Because thats who I am, a good friend.


Not only do people lose friends during room selection but they make them as well. I consider myself blessed my sophomore year to have been included in a suite with my 3 best friends and 2 girls I did not even know. Although one of my friends ended being a complete psychopath the other 4 friends I made are life long. Again, as a Junior I was lucky to find two amazing girls that I pulled into a suite with my 4 friends. However this year, I started to see the true colors of people I always respected and would have done anything for. It made me crazy to see “friends” that I had trusted turn their back on me and try to make me suffer in the end all because of their selfishness.


** After crying hysterically to my FEW true friends at this school I realized something that I just wanted to remind anyone else who is stressing.

– In the end everything will always work out. It may not always work out in your favor but everything that’s meant to be will find its way.

– There is only 7 class days left… and Quad Jam is on saturday so it’s time to relax and enjoy the time you have with the people that actually matter!

Bare with me…

So basically due to my enormous workload over the past few weeks my blog posts have kind of taken a back seat. But today marks the end of that. I will be updating all of my NPR blog posts because I haven’t made a post on NPR in a while so I’m sorry for the crazy amount of emails you are about to receive of me talking about material that is clearly about 3 to 4 weeks too late.  You will probably get about 5 emails of all of my different posts so again, I am VERY sorry for this and I hope you can forgive my annoying posts.

Time Lapse

I don’t know if I’m overly emotional because it’s the end of the semester, or if this video truly and simply is very cute.

In any case, I would love to share this video that I just saw with all of you just because I know we all have our moments of “wow, time flies!” It captures this beautiful girl’s personality and growth so well that I know I would love to do the same with my own children someday.

I’m going to end this blogpost before I get too cheesy…. but here it is. Hope you enjoy.

And don’t forget to check out my semester project blog, I have posted again!!!

Blog Stats

I’m not sure if anyone else has done this, but I just clicked on the stats section on my dashboard (it’s the graph looking thing in the gray bar on top of the screen). It’s really interesting. If you havn’t checked it out I suggest you pull it up, right after you read my post.

The stats section shows you a bar graph of the most veiwed days (March 27th 2012). It shows you how people found the site on any given day. On March 27th the search terms were mostly Santorum, Deathstyle, and Gay. So I think we should all give a hand to Francesca for her post Someone Tell Me This Man is Kidding. 

Along with giving Franceca a hand I think we should give all current blog contributers, aka our class, because we are kicking butt. We have posted the most veiwed month by far (March) aswell as the second (April) and third (February). So congradulations us. Keep up the good work.

My new Iphone

So, going off my clear interest in the first cell phone this week, I decided I’d make my “media blog” about getting my Iphone. Now, I understand this probably sounds like a very mundane boring topic to blog about because almost everyone in our class has an Iphone, but my experience with activating mine was, of course, not something simple. So I went to Verizon to get my new phone, and use my upgrade, and directly following with the description of an Android, the Verizon employee proceeded to tell me how much of a “tech junky” he was and why the Android was awesome. And normally, I would take interest into something else, if not every single person I came in contact with on a daily basis didn’t have an Iphone, and if I didn’t love apple products, so basically everything he said about Androids sounded like the teachers in Charlie Brown movies, “wah wann wamp wahh”. (That was the best way I could to think to spell that). I waiting patiently for him to finish then I continued to tell him how I simply just wanted the Iphone. He got the phone, and activated it for me, blah blah blah, same old story, you’d think. BUT, as soon as I left the store I had about a billion and one issues in activating the phone, and the “tech junky” clearly had no idea what he was doing. I spent three hours trying to figure it out! Finally after figuring out what I needed to and playing with my new phone, I was super excited. But, it got me thinking. How great can technology be? When I was trying to figure out how to activate my phone, it took me about 4 hours just to try one thing, and another 2 to google things that no one truly new the answer too. My explanation for my trip to the Verizon store was a little of a  dragged out introduction, but I just really couldn’t believe how terrible it was trying to set up something that it suppose to be this great piece of technology, something I believe to be a great piece of technology. The more advancements we make in technology, obviously the harder these things are going to be to use, but I just wonder how much harder these phones  can become and how much would people actually want to keep using them?

Ashley Judd and her “puffy” face

Ashley Judd, well-known Hollywood actress from an also famous family, was attacked by numerous media venues last week after appearing with a “puffy face”. Tired of scrutiny, of judgments, of this enormous obsession our society has with how women should look and especially with how celebrity females should look, Judd spoke out. And I love her for it.

The “puffy face” meant one of two things. Either she had plastic surgery and looks bad or she looks “too good” and had work done. Whichever was the criticism, Judd wrote an article on the Daily Beast speaking of this objectification and hyper-sexualization of women. What have we come to that women are so observed and ridiculed if they don’t fit a certain stereotype? She explains that we, women and men, have internalized these patriarchal feelings and beliefs. It has to end.

The truth is, she was sick and needed steroids. My mother is going through the exact same issue (the “puffy face” because of health concerns) and doesn’t feel like herself. Therefore, this entire matter became even more personal to me.

Even if she did gain some pounds or did have some plastic surgery done, why does it matter? Why should we scrutinize so much?

Please read her article and watch this quick 2-minute video. You will not be disappointed!

Addicted to the Right Media

We all talk about falling asleep curled around our Iphones and checking twitter before crawling out of our beds in the morning. I can relate. I can’t fall asleep unless I check Facebook just one more time. When I’m bored in class I have to scroll through Tumblr to keep myself awake. These sites keep me busy when I’m awkwardly waiting for someone or keep my eyes open in class, but until yesterday, I had never realized that these aren’t the sources of media I’m most closely, emotionally aligned with.

A few days ago someone stopped to ask Professor Proctor what it’s like to be married to a feminist and if it’s hard. I remember liking his quick response, but I also thought he didn’t give himself enough credit. It really takes a certain type of person to date someone with strong feminist ideals. It takes a strong person to allow their girlfriend or wife to get heated, sometimes too much, about women’s issues. I’ll be the first to admit I can fly off the handle in an argument. I’ll “black out” for the time being while I’m yelling about some injustice or inequality or my point of view. So, when I think back to yesterday when my boyfriend and I were discussing (and disagreeing…loudly) about a certain issue in society, I don’t remember much. I vaguely remember slamming my car into park in a parking garage and getting entirely too excited and aggressive. After calming down, getting through dinner while feeling a bit drained, but still on edge, we got back to campus. Walking into the dorms, he pressed play on Pandora, which started playing Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Within hearing the first moments of the song I physically felt this wave of calm wash over me.

The song transformed me to memories of me being a little girl in some linen dress at a folk festival with my peace-loving parents with their long hair and now thirty-five year marriage.

It’s music. It’s music that made me calm down and just stop and take a deep breath. The music brought me back to being aware of the fact that I can’t treat an argument like a catastrophic event that I have to win. It’s music that connected me to hearing Fast Car home in Hartland with my parents. It’s music that has comforted me when I was a lonely freshman feeling lost at Manhattanville or a sad teenager going through her first break up. Facebook may connect me to people I love, but music has overwhelmingly reinforced me. It has time and time again brought me back from “psycho girlfriend Mia” or “stressed out on the brink of a breakdown Mia”. This is the source of media I am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually intertwined with. Facebook will never be able to do what music does to me. Maybe I only need my Iphone for Itunes.

Project Glass

My first instinct was why? Why do we really need this technology? But then I stepped back and realized we have to embrace new things, even if they seem bizarre for the time being. What if every single person refuted the idea of the telephone or the computer?

I think it’s pretty amazing that in 2012 there is a development like this. How often have I been in class, wanting to read my text messages, but not let the teacher notice my head in my bag reading a text? Pretty often.

If you watch the video, the technology can do so much. While walking to a bookstore to meet his friend (plans made on Project Glass) the man in the video sees a band he wants to remind himself to buy tickets for and a mural he wants to take a picture of. He can do all of this with voice cues to the technology hooked around his head. I so often want to get my head out of my phone and stop looking down. Some may argue that this is our phone and our head becoming one, but if you watch the video, the man is completely interested in interacting with the world around him, not focused in on his Blackberry or Iphone. I think the technology would actually help our phone obsessions. We can fully multitask with Project Glass.