Research paper and Semester project progress

I have not taken direct action in beginning either my project or paper but am still gathering information and ideas.  Today’s class was a big help in helping me move the process forward and get out of the writer’s block I had been experiencing.

As far as my research paper goes, I am researching the theory of the long tail and its relation to the music industry.  The original theory states that with the advent of digital media and the world wide web, niche artists have become more accesible due to the distribution of information throughout broader markets.  Yet after conducting research I have read many articles from music bloggers discussing how they think this is BS and a myth.  Specifically, that the ‘superstar’ artists still control the indusry, with the top 1% of artists collecting over three-quarters of total revenue.  Also, with the rise of Spotify and the search bar, listeners have become overwhelmed with the amount of choices available to them and stick to what is placed in front of their eyes, which are the superstars.  With this, it places me at a crossroads, unable to choose which voice to listen to and agree on a stance because of high amount of mixed views I find on the internet.  What I am going to do to solve this is somehow include both views and consider all arguments to this position to get a broad reflection.  I will then tie in the end what I believe and and my stance on the issue.

For my semester project, I was also unsure the route I would take until todays class which helped guide me.  I was thinking about creating a podcast of some sort, but then I thought about wanting to take advantage of my radio show, which could connect to a multimedia project.  After suggestions from the class and Professor Proctor, I decided I would take his idea about going live on Facebook during my show, where I will interact with viewers and they will ask me questions of any kind, and I will try to answer them to my best ability.  I will spontaneously answer on-air during real time, which would test my abilities to responding to pressure, while remaining cool, collective, and entertaining.

For the other part of the semester project, I am currently working on the “topics discussed in class” tab.  I am not experienced with web design or restructuring so I am a bit overwhelmed by the process.  I am open to being of assistance to any other issues on the blog that need to be addressed.  I only require a little guidance and communication from my classmates so they can let me know how I can help in any way possible.  Other than that, I like what my classmates have done so far in revamping the blog and I dont want to alter anything unless I have permission to do so.

That is what I have planned thus far in my research paper and semester project.  I am willing to take suggestions of any kind for anyone who thinks I can improve or change these ideas.  I can take constructive critism, so if anyone has something to share, lay it on me! It will be interesting to see how everybody’s semester projects and my own turn out in the near future.

Blake Hagerman

Guerilla Marketing and Desensitization

About a month ago we talked a little bit about guerilla marketing schemes done by major corporations and others.  I wanted to do a little more research on the topic and delve into this phenomenon.  Guerilla marketing can be defined as an “advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend.”  What these marketers try to do is try to capture the attention of the crowd on a personal and memorable level.  Examples of this might be seeing an ad for Coca Cola on the side of a bus, or an ad for a law firm on a park bench.  Everywhere you look, there are advertisements in places that we might not even expect.  Especially in the modern digital media era, there are ads all over our interface.  If we log into Facebook we wll see ads on the sidebar or promotions from other people and companies on our main feed.  In today’s day in age, there is almost no escape for advertisement espcially when we go out in to public.

But how effective are these ads? Do they still influence the crowd in the same way they used to?  I believe that with the oversaturation of ads in society, people have become desensitized to them.  In other words, people just see ads as a part of their daily life and they stroll on past them as if they are meaningless.  If humans took notice to every ad that came across their face on a daily basis this would be sensory overload and would be too much for our brains to process.  What many ad agencies might assume is the magic bullet theory, which is that we view an ad and are immediately influenced by its message so passionately that we immediately go and purchase that product.  With a small portion of the populuation who are not regularly exposed to media presense may be more subject to this.  However, for most people, just because you see a bilboard on the street for discounted shoes at DSW does not mean you will drop what you are doing, and run to buy those shoes.

With the advent of what I will call ‘over-advertising’ I believe this has created a downward trend in how effective ads really are.  I think major companies should cut back spending on advertisements and put those funds towards a more useful direction, like stopping global warming. Do it for the polar bears.

Blake Hagerman

Youtube HQ Shooting

Today there was a shooting at the Youtube headquarters where a woman is believed to have shot multiple people. It has been stated that she had later died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. This shooting is still under investigation and we will hopefully find out more information in the upcoming days.

I thought it was interesting to note that the shooter was a woman, since most mass shootings have been perpetrated by men. Studies have shown that women commit (only) 10% – 13% of homicides in the United States.

When will we see an end to these shootings?

-Rachel Stasolla


Website Editing

Hey guys! I know that we have made a bunch of new changes to the website, but I think it could still use a lot more help in the navigating realm. I found a cool way to use the search bar, which is you literally type in your name and as long as you have labeled everything you have written all of your articles come up, which is super nice. Also, I looked into the use  of creating a live chat on the website and right now, until we upgrade we cannot have a live chat. But, if we do I have found the number one program so everyone in the group or on the website can have a live chat together. I also think that the colors still aren’t great and the way the pictures work with the scrolling kind of gives me a headache, so I think we could find a way to change that up again.


~Danyela Swidler~

Controlled Chaos.

For the past few weeks of class time, we have thrown around ideas of making many changes. The blog is under construction, a new Facebook group has been enacted, there is a research paper as well as a semester project is due within this month, most of us are graduating in the upcoming weeks. Also, who’s caught up on this week’s chapters of Bunk?

Speaking of Bunk, here’s a meme.


Our Modern Day Ability to Create

In the past, we have been only consumers of certain types of media, i.e there were people who made television and people who watched television.  And although this still holds true for many individuals to this day, we now live in a world where people can consume as well as produce at their own leisure thanks to our modern digital landscape.

With the aid of various social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many others, we can freely post what we want for many others to see so that they can then consume our content.  Even if we may not realize it, we are all producers in some way, shape of form, where we are constantly building our own brands and online image.

Things like filmmaking used to be restricted by an exclusive crowd of people were involved in the ‘Hollywood movie-making community’.  Today, everybody yields the ability to create content.  Something that almost every person in the world owns today is a phone, which most have the ability to record videos, and take pictures.  This is an important factor in our modern ability to create media that did not exist in the past.  The once exclusive Hollywood filmmaking community is now open to the public.

Youtube is a great example of this, as it allows you can post large beta media files onto the platform, which opens up the amount you can do as a content creator.  You don’t need to be signed by a label, or have a contract to be able to post onto Youtube. And if you really are talented enough, people will find you, they will like you, and you will become famous.  This is a notion that was almost unheard of in past years.  There are countless examples of Youtube stars that blew up in pop culture strictly from becoming Youtube famous.

In today’s world, if you work hard enough, and know how to get your name out there for the world to see your work, we all have the ability to.  All you have to do is get your foot in the door, and the public eye will do the rest.

Blake Hagerman

Are students able to concentrate better or worse during 8 am classes?

A very common debate that comes up, especially during college is whether or not 8 am classes make students concentrate better or worse.

Since this semester is my first time taking an 8 am class, I find this topic interesting. I have heard different opinions and thoughts from students, some say that it helps them concentrate better; however, many others (including me) think that it is harder to concentrate.

Personally, I find an 8 am class to be harder to pay attention to. This might be because I am not an “early bird” and I cannot stop thinking about taking a nap. However, when I look around the room, I can see some people really engaged in the class while others are half asleep.

I know this question has been asked a million times, so there is a lot of different sources out there that it becomes overwhelming. Something I find interesting is that most of us, started at 8 am every weekday during high school. When we get to college, most of us, tend to push classes towards later times. Why is this? Is this something most people do? or is it the other way around?

I would like to spark up a small conversation and see what you guys think about early classes, to gain more information on this topic.

-Pilar Quellet


Four-day school week

Something that I found interesting…

Colorado school district wants to switch to a 4-day school week instead of 5. Students would attend classes Tuesday-Friday and have Monday off. Each school day will be extended 40 minutes longer. The reason for this change would help teachers and staff better plan their lessons. It will help to recruit and retain quality teachers, minimize disruptions, and save money. This district will hear a reply sometime in June to determine if this schedule will be set in place. “There are 98 other districts in Colorado who have adopted the 4-day school week.” This switch seems popular and the majority of people are for it. On the other hand some parents say it is a hardship, since they still have to work a 5-day week and it will interfere with their work schedule. Although, families can pay 30 dollars per child for 12 hours of day care service on the Monday they have off.

I personally think this is a good idea, but also see where the parents are coming from. What do you guys think?

-Rachel Stasolla





Bankruptcy Declared by Gun Company

(Reuters) – Remington Outdoor Co Inc [FREDM.UL], one of the largest U.S. makers of firearms, filed for bankruptcy protection on Sunday to carry out a debt-cutting deal with creditors amid mounting public pressure for greater gun control.

Source: Yahoo Finance

On the secretive facebook page, there was talk about the the March for our Lives Protest that happened this weekend (March 24th, 2018). As of Sunday, an old-time gun company just declared bankruptcy for 1 billion dollars. Apparently the process have been going on for much longer than just yesterday (in fact, they mentioned filing bankruptcy in February). However, they officially declared Bankruptcy 24 hours after the Protest.

According to Stephen Jackson, the company’s chief financial officer, the initial cause of the bankruptcy was spurred by the decreased sales throughout the year and how the company was having difficulty meeting requirements from its lenders. But, it makes you wonder if the mass shooting (specifically the protests) have been the cause of this. I saw a counter argument (please don’t quote me on this. I saw it on twitter) that everytime a gun shooting occurred gun sales would increase. However on the other hand this gun company has gone bankrupt possibly because of the lack of firearm shootings.

What guys do you think about this?

-Katelynn DiBiccari