Research paper and Semester project progress

I have not taken direct action in beginning either my project or paper but am still gathering information and ideas.  Today’s class was a big help in helping me move the process forward and get out of the writer’s block I had been experiencing.

As far as my research paper goes, I am researching the theory of the long tail and its relation to the music industry.  The original theory states that with the advent of digital media and the world wide web, niche artists have become more accesible due to the distribution of information throughout broader markets.  Yet after conducting research I have read many articles from music bloggers discussing how they think this is BS and a myth.  Specifically, that the ‘superstar’ artists still control the indusry, with the top 1% of artists collecting over three-quarters of total revenue.  Also, with the rise of Spotify and the search bar, listeners have become overwhelmed with the amount of choices available to them and stick to what is placed in front of their eyes, which are the superstars.  With this, it places me at a crossroads, unable to choose which voice to listen to and agree on a stance because of high amount of mixed views I find on the internet.  What I am going to do to solve this is somehow include both views and consider all arguments to this position to get a broad reflection.  I will then tie in the end what I believe and and my stance on the issue.

For my semester project, I was also unsure the route I would take until todays class which helped guide me.  I was thinking about creating a podcast of some sort, but then I thought about wanting to take advantage of my radio show, which could connect to a multimedia project.  After suggestions from the class and Professor Proctor, I decided I would take his idea about going live on Facebook during my show, where I will interact with viewers and they will ask me questions of any kind, and I will try to answer them to my best ability.  I will spontaneously answer on-air during real time, which would test my abilities to responding to pressure, while remaining cool, collective, and entertaining.

For the other part of the semester project, I am currently working on the “topics discussed in class” tab.  I am not experienced with web design or restructuring so I am a bit overwhelmed by the process.  I am open to being of assistance to any other issues on the blog that need to be addressed.  I only require a little guidance and communication from my classmates so they can let me know how I can help in any way possible.  Other than that, I like what my classmates have done so far in revamping the blog and I dont want to alter anything unless I have permission to do so.

That is what I have planned thus far in my research paper and semester project.  I am willing to take suggestions of any kind for anyone who thinks I can improve or change these ideas.  I can take constructive critism, so if anyone has something to share, lay it on me! It will be interesting to see how everybody’s semester projects and my own turn out in the near future.

Blake Hagerman


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