Semester Project

My Semester Project

So, I am going to preface with a sorry, I am updating the blog with 4 new posts, so you’re about to get a bombardment of emails!

I just wanted this blog to be a small way for me to tell you all what I thought of my ending product to the semester project and what I took away from it. First of all, I must say, that I could not have been prouder of Francesca & I’s project. I think the end product, the video, and the collection of responses, can truly help demonstrate some of the diversity and Manhattanville College on it’s own. The process of the video was so interesting listening to all of the students tell us what diversity was. I think one of the best parts was how each student had to actually stop and think of something we talk about everyday. DIversity is such a widely used popular word, and I think in some cases, people are not even sure how to fully explain what they mean by this, so listen to the collective student body made this possible.

From this project I think I definitely take away a pride for Manhattanville. The college itself is so beautiful and while we all always complain about our food, or the pub, or something going on with student accounts, this college is something special. It is different from many of the schools that my friends attend, and I think it’s in a good way. We have such a variety of students and some brilliant professors, and the sources we have for internships are amazing. The small campus allows us to have a close niche to faculty staff and fellow students and I think this video truly demonstrates this beauty


Final Semester Project Post :]

So to round out my last semester project post (since I briefly spoke in class today) I just want to say it has been a blast! Although, I am almost broke with 17.63 left to my name (its going to be a boring weekend, thank god for boyfriends :]) I had a great time going to new places and trying new things. I also wanted to document which places were my favorite.

My all-time favorite restaurant around this area, which if you have some spare cash would be GREAT to go to, is Buddha. Buddha is amazing their food is amazing, and their desert is amazing. All around, if I spend money there, I don’t leave regretting it, I leave FULL. Which is exactly how you should feel after blowing 30 bucks on your own meal (tip included).

I LOVED Sara’s blog and I hope that if you ever get a chance to go to any of those places you actually do! I know I will be trying some of those places next semester since I definitely do not have time to visit this semester (leaving on wednesday).

From when I was younger and developed my love for food I’ve always wanted to be a food critic (mainly because I was fat) but it was great to be able to do this. It taught me to eat slowly and enjoy my meals and taste the different spices and flavors that each food has to offer. I know that sounds silly but with a schedule like mine, you tend to hoover your meals pretty quickly.

Semester Project: Advertising and Police Procedurals

This project focuses on the television subgenre of the police procedural.  Shows such as Law & Order, NCIS, Southland, CSI, and many others which are prime time dramas that dominate week night TV programming.  This programming is coveted by advertisers who want to reach a mass audience.  In 2010, more than 5% of cable TV and satellite viewers tuned in to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Without a Trace.  Studies of TV programs and commercial audiences show that some programs maintain more of their program audience during commercial breaks because of the genre of a program.  The genre of the police procedural maintains a heavy program audience during commercial breaks.

This project focuses on themed and targeted advertising.  Advertisers are starting to show ads for services that cater to older people because the viewers who watch shows like NCIS and Southland are over 50.  The advertising market is changing for police procedural programming.

Final Semester Project Update!!!

Hey Everyone!

WOW! Tomorrow marks our last class together. Sarah and I want to say it’s been an awesome semester chatting with all of you and we’re definitely going to miss the fun we’ve had. To conclude this semester, the two of us have polished the finishing touches on our project and are psyched to share and show you our final media video that we created celebrating the diversity at Manhattanville. Based on the interviews with the 10 students polled, we have found many commonalities with answers that we’d like to share.

  • 10:10 students described diversity with the following adjectives: differences, race, culture, language, experiences, coming together, learning
  • 9:10 students agreed that Manhattanville is diverse. They said that based on the number of students from different countries and states in the US we’re like a melting pot. The student who said we weren’t did not base his/her answer in culture or heritage but instead how well Mville students are accepted by one another.
  • When asked if the students has ever had a tough time “being themeless” at Manhattanville 10:10 students said no. All students explained that Mville is the one place where being different is accepted. That being involved in many activities is what makes you well-rounded and able to be yourself
  • 8:10 students explained that cliques exist at Manhattanville because they are defense mechanisms that feel safe. The students explained that cliques are not to be mean or push people away– they are comfortable and that why people fall into them so easily. 2:10 students said cliques are inevitable. Cliques define the individual and without them a person is lost
  • When asking students what’ll take to make Mville more diverse and pull students from a “clique” mentality, 10:10 ALL answered the the coming together as a community is the best builder possible. 10:10 students explained that community events of fun like Fall Fest and Quad Jam or remembrance like Marisa Pagli day or 9/11 memorial is when it feels best being a valiant.

Sarah and I are stoked to have had the opportunity to participate in this project. Having the ability to interview students and utilize the Diversity Pledge of Manhattanville that was created by the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Committee was really rewarding. We can’t wait to show you the final video compilation!

Sometimes You Have to Roll with the Punches

So tomorrow, you will all see the culmination of my semester project. It began as a project solely about women in media and my mom, my sister and my views of women in mainstream media, especially movies. As I interviewed my family and pieced together the parts of my project, the questions we answered about a variety of movies felt irrelevant. It felt like I was forcing that part of the project on this beautiful, emotional representation of strong women and our views of strong women. Originally the questions you will see answered in my video were just for the foundation of my project; the ideas that would launch the rest of it.

The use of media:

Through this project I have completely grown in the world of media. I have gotten the chance to experiment with iMovie and use it to my advantage. I even became more well versed in Quicktime, GarageBand and iTunes. Even though I did not include video clips of my mom and sister, I chose to include their voices layered into the video.

I could have recorded my mom and my sister on Easter break or on Spring break when I was with each of them, but something about the media we’ve used to keep in contact for the past two years (Twelve years if you count all the way back from when Celia left for college) felt important to me. This is the way we interact every day, this is how we maintain our relationships, so that is how my interviews should be presented. Voice is powerful. Having an audience concentrate on that one sense avoids the deterrence of watching someone’s face or hair or clothes.

Since I decided to do audio recordings over Skype and FaceTime, I had to deal with my mother figuring her way through the iTunes App store on her Ipad. It’s funny to remember that she is not a first generation computer user. Teaching her how to do a few new things on the Ipad actually felt like it culminated my project in a sense because it’s about new media and staying in contact and empowering other women, not bringing them down (the initial way I was getting when my mom didn’t understand how to just “download Skype”).

The video clips you’ll hear are snippets from hours of interviews. I hope you all enjoy it!