Hitch Hiker

I feel that the herioc hitch hiker in the new youtube sensation video is famous because he is open and not afraid to be himself. His true personality is awkward, entertaining and disinhibited. This is the reason why the video went viral. Of course it helps that he saved someones life. The hitch hiker had a lot to say. Even if he was being honest I am still skeptical of him. After watching the video I did not feel that someone could make the statement that he is a good person. I feel that no one could say he is a bad person either. The truth is the majorty of people watching the video don’t know him personally. His actions were herioc but what about the woman who tried to help the victim of the car accident? Is that not herioc? If she went on camera for as long as he did could you call her a good person? The point is this youtube video goes on the basis of what you see is what you get. Even though you can comment on the video and ask questions that is not the same as being there first hand. Also, the Hitch Hiker did help out but in this situation isn’t that what most people would do? It’s not everyday you encounter a man claiming he is Jesus Christ and beating up woman for no reason, unless you work at Bellevue. Even if a by stander didn’t have time to help you’d think they would notice and say something. Its pretty hard to ignore.


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